What is the best oil to cook with?

Gathered for you important facts about coconut oil and how to use it. This knowledge will help you make a choice, no matter what you plan — fry, bake or prepare craft cosmetics.

one00% coconut oil in cooking

This product is so beneficial for health and beauty that it should be used not only in the kitchen. Also, the miracle oil will coolly fit into a cosmetic bag. And you need to choose it according to the method of processing. I will list my favorites:


Oil with this mark is obtained by the first direct extraction from the pulp of coconut, without chemical additives. Only sometimes it is subjected to heat treatment to enhance the taste.

cold pressed

This method also produces 100% unrefined coconut oil. But it is pressed at a temperature below 50 ° C. This helps to retain all the beneficial properties of coconut. Naturally, it is better to add a natural, minimally processed product with a high content of valuable ingredients to dishes. The fatty acids in coconut oil are easy to digest and boost metabolism. From the digestive system, they immediately enter the liver instead of being deposited as fat. So, the figure will remain slim.

Features 100% coconut oil

Nutritional information: 14 grams of fat and 120 calories per tablespoon.

Taste: rich, delicate and sweetish.

Consistency: at low temperature — solid, at room temperature — dense, thick. When heated, it turns into a clear liquid.

Smoke point*: 177°C (low)

*This is the temperature that turns healthy oil into toxic. The fatty acids in it break down and release free radicals.

Low smoke point = ideal properties for frying, roasting, sautéing. And also, due to the delicate taste, it can be added to cereals, smoothies. Coconut oil hardens quickly when cooled, making it suitable for making hard glazes as well as softer ones at room temperature.

Cosmetic properties

Pure coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, vitamins E and K. It moisturizes the skin and softens the skin, smoothes the hair. And if you mix it with granulated sugar, you get the lightest lip scrub. At the time, this information helped me a lot. I hope it will be useful for you too.

P.S. And in the kitchen, and in my cosmetic bag, I have this yummy:


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Delicious, natural sweets — RUSH caramel popcorn.

It’s not just sweet popcorn. We made a REAL and healthy gourmet dessert based on creamy caramel and popcorn. We added whole, selected nuts, seasoned with a generous portion of airy marshmallows and drizzled with Belgian chocolate. We don’t just cook unusual sweets — we make healthy treats for our children from natural ingredients. Gluten free. Without preservatives. Without dyes. No flavor enhancers. And if you want to please yourself or your child with a sweet dessert, then you should try RUSH caramel popcorn — much more useful than «long-playing» sweets in the store.

Is there a lot of protein, phosphorus, iron, silicon, polyphenols in chocolate or sweets; are they rich in carbohydrates and fiber, are they antioxidants? Namely, do candies contain riboflavin and pantothenic acid, the most powerful antioxidant substances? I think no. And it’s in the popcorn.

And our caramel is brewed from 4! ingredients that everyone has on the table every day. … We took care of your health by reducing the sugar content by 2 times — we introduced this natural sugar substitute into the recipe. It is very useful at any age and can even be used by those who suffer from diabetes instead of sugar. You get the same sweet popcorn, with less sugar, but with a storehouse of vitamins.

There is NOTHING dangerous or threatening to our health in our sweet dessert.
Well, if only one thing — very tasty and impossible to stop!

HOW and WHY do children play with the constructor?

When choosing a gift for a child, pay attention to such an entertaining and interesting thing as the ANT constructor. These «smart toys» can occupy the baby for a long time and become his favorite. After all, with them you can come up with a huge number of new games and collect interesting designs. The designer for children is not only fascinating and interesting, but also useful. Games with the constructor Ant: — well develop imagination and fantasy; — contribute to the development of voluntary attention, perseverance and willpower. After all, to build a house, the crumbs will have to spend a lot of effort and time; — form spatial and figurative thinking. The child tries to assemble from the constructor what he saw (car, house, train); — develop fine motor skills, eye and general movements. The baby trains muscles, he learns to develop strength, to determine by eye the required number of parts, their size and configuration. Although, if your child can be called hyperactive, he will be bored playing with the designer. Therefore, the little fidget needs to be interested. And here a lot depends on you, more precisely, on your mood. If you yourself are bored with assembling the designer, then what can you expect from a child. But when he sees with what enthusiasm you set to work, he will definitely want to join you.

Psychologists recommend!

  • Start playing yourself. When you have purchased the constructor, laid it out of the package, you should start playing it yourself. This will arouse the interest of the child;
  • Put the pieces away after each session. It is very important for a child to form order;
  • It is not necessary to play the constructor before going to bed, because when the thought processes are excited, it is difficult for the child to slow down this process. The game must end no later than half an hour before bedtime;
  • If a child has built something and does not want to disassemble it, because he tried and made efforts, and says that he wants to leave it, parents, listen to his request;
  • If a child does not want to engage in a constructor, there is no need to force him. Reproaches of parents as a bone will stand across the throat. The child will not be motivated to even approach the designer because of reproaches. If you don’t want it, remove it. Take it out after a while and start playing by yourself. Then the child will also join, and you will become an assistant for him.

How to interest a child in reading the school curriculum?

A little more than an hour — and the «Prisoner of the Caucasus» is read! At the same time, you figured out the meaning of 68 new words (and don’t say that you are well aware of what “snoring” is. When it comes to horses, this word has a completely different meaning) and learned the chronology of the Caucasian War. Do not trust? But all this was made possible thanks to anthologies a series «Classics on the shelves»!

«Classics on the shelves» — this is a completely new approach to the study of the school curriculum in literature, focused on modern children. Today, most of the vocabulary of teenagers consists of everyday terms and foreign borrowings. What can we say about classical texts that are full of archaisms, the meanings of which are sometimes not able to decipher even an adult.

Classical writers created more than a hundred years ago, and since then many words have fallen out of active use, become obsolete. We open for example the story of I.S. Turgenev «Mumu» (it is passed in the fifth grade of secondary school) and there we immediately find: «housekeepers», «servants», «twelve inches of growth», «serviceable draft man», «plow» , «Petrov’s Day», «crushingly acted with an oblique», «three-handed flail», «indefatigable». So many unfamiliar words in just the first two paragraphs!

Of course, some child will get into a dictionary or Wikipedia, but most will either read without thinking about the words, or put the book down, changing their mind about reading it at all. And it is unlikely that later one of these guys will return to the text, considering it boring and incomprehensible.

And here our help comes a series of readerswhich lays out all the incomprehensible moments «on the shelves»!

In each book, after the main text of the work, you can find an illustrated appendix. These are not boring footnotes at the bottom of the page that students often ignore. These are comments accompanied by drawings, photographs and diagrams. If desired, the child can first study the commentary, and then proceed to reading the book — as it is convenient for anyone! There are a lot of comments: in each book there are about 300! Having studied them, the child will significantly expand his horizons! In addition, learn to read thoughtfully and meaningfully.

A big plus: the commentary not only provides the lexical meaning of the word, but also attaches an image of the corresponding object, that is, the child simultaneously receives verbal and visual information, which means that he will remember what he read faster and better.

Modern design and stylish design bring the book closer to the child, and, therefore, make it more interesting. And the light weight, easy-to-read font, thoughtful layout and excellent print quality create excellent conditions for comfortable and useful reading!

Read the classics with us!

What essential oils are suitable for preventing colds?

Autumn is a time not only for enjoying the beautiful landscapes, but also for taking extra care of your health. So that a cold does not interfere with staying active and alert, so that plans do not have to be postponed for an uncertain tomorrow, it is worth taking care of disease prevention.

To support immunity and prevent disease will help:

  • clothes according to the weather;
  • long walks in the fresh air;
  • morning work-out.

Fresh vegetables and fruits will replace mountains of synthetic vitamins, and the power of nature in the form of essential oils will complement this set of preventive measures.

For this purpose, 100% natural essential oils and products based on them from SIBERINA company.

Balm «Prevention of colds»

This stick-shaped balm is convenient to take with you. Essential oils of mint, eucalyptus and anise have antibacterial and antiviral effects. By applying it to the wings of the nose, you can prevent the entry of viruses and microbes that cause the disease. In addition, the remedy will help with headache, joint pain, facilitate breathing by removing nasal congestion.

Complex of essential oils «Ear-throat-nose»

The natural oils of tea tree, fir and eucalyptus included in its composition strengthen the immune system, soften cough and relieve nasal congestion.

Complex of essential oils «At the first sign of a cold»

As soon as you feel a tingling in your throat or nasal congestion, immediately apply a few drops of this mixture to the aroma pendant. Essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus disinfect the air, facilitate breathing, and eliminate pain. The complex can be used for inhalation and massage, mixed with base oil.

Antiviral complex of essential oils «To strengthen the immune system and protect against colds»

Essential oils of fir, tea tree, rosemary and eucalyptus disinfect the air and kill viruses. Lemon oil not only gives vivacity, but also whips up the immune system. Anise oil is a well-known antitussive. Together, they help prevent the development of the disease, if the remedy is applied in time.

Complex of essential oils for cough «Easy breathing»

If you are already sick, and an annoying cough does not give life, inhale with a complex of essential oils of anise, eucalyptus, tea tree and rosemary. It will relieve cough, soften the throat, and eliminate inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat and nose.

How to use essential oils for colds?

Depending on the purpose of use, the same essential oil can be used in different ways:

  • to prevent infection — apply 2-3 drops on the aroma pendant or a couple of drops on the wings of the nose;
  • for air disinfection — use in an aroma lamp at the rate of 5-6 drops per 15 sq. m. area;
  • to relieve cough — do inhalation or chest massage, and the dosage should be discussed with the doctor.

Despite their exclusively natural origin, essential oils are an effective prophylactic against colds. Use the power of nature itself to be healthy and active even during the cold season!

Which JKeratin products are suitable for a colorist?

If you are involved in changing the hair color of your clients, then you know how important it is to maintain the quality of the hair and take into account the many nuances during the procedure. Pay attention to products that will become your assistants.

Complex for the reduction of disulfide bonds S+S

It is added to the mixture for dyeing or lightening hair.

• Protects the hair structure during lightening and coloring
• Restores disulfide bonds in hair
• Increases hair elasticity

It should be used when working with damaged hair to strengthen and restore them. Step #1 S+S is added to the coloring or brightening mixture before the procedure. Step #2 S+S is applied to damp hair after washing the coloring mixture from the hair. More information can be found in the product card on the brand’s website.

Lipid mask for moisturizing and nourishing hair Hair Cuticle Top

Used after coloring or before toning.

• Evens out hair texture for even toning
• Softens and smoothes hair
• Envelops the hair cuticle
• Restores the lipid layer

The mask has a pleasant aroma, aged on the hair for 15-20 minutes. In addition, it can be used in home care. More information can be found in the product card on the brand’s website.

Molecular Hair Restoration Kit Treatment

It is used before coloring, as well as after lightening, before toning.

• Provides a more even distribution of color throughout the hair
• Guarantees a more permanent color result
• Fills the hair structure with amino acids
• Increases hair elasticity

The kit consists of three products: a preparatory shampoo, a keratin complex and a mask. More information can be found in the product card on the brand’s website.

Amino Base

Used before toning or after hair coloring.

• Aligns and fills the hair structure with useful components after bleaching
• Promotes a more even distribution of color throughout the hair
• Increases hair elasticity

Amino Base is applied to damp hair and aged for 20 minutes, and then washed off with warm water. More information can be found in the product card on the brand’s website.

Use these JKeratin products to protect, nourish and hydrate your hair while coloring or lightening.

Mommy Baby diapers are gentle, like mom’s love.

Mommy Baby diapers are so gentle and pleasant for the baby’s skin that they give a feeling of care and comfort, like a mother’s touch.

Every newborn just needs gentle touches and hugs. The baby learns to communicate, feeling how he is being touched, how he is being held. To show love and tenderness to him is simple:

carefully hug the baby to yourself and slowly say how much you love him,

gently stroke the face of the crumbs, uttering affectionate words,

stroking the child’s hands

When breastfeeding or giving a bottle, carefully hold the baby in your arms.

Put the child’s hands on your face and touch them to your nose, lips, hair

Especially the baby needs hugs before going to bed. Mom affectionately hugs the baby and carefully changes his diaper, kisses, lulls and puts him to bed. After that, the baby feels only the softness of the cradle and the tenderness of the surface of his diapers, which reminds him of his mother’s touch.

It was possible to achieve extraordinary softness and tenderness of Mommy Baby diapers by applying all the latest technologies and the latest, high-quality materials in production.

Mommy Baby diapers are also loved because they:

Quickly absorbing — thanks to Japanese super-absorbent and SUMITOMO/SANDIA absorbent paper, diapers quickly absorb moisture, turning it into a gel (10 grams of SUMITOMO macromolecules absorb up to 1000 ml of liquid);

Ultra-thin — the latest materials make the diapers very thin and gentle, which increases the comfort of use;

Hypoallergenic — diaper components absolutely do not cause allergies, and also have no smell;

Breathable — high-quality cellulose and non-woven fibers make Mommy Baby diapers very soft and gentle, and also provide good air circulation, leaving baby’s skin always dry and without diaper rash;

They have Convenient Velcro — modern technologies of the German company KLETTEN, allow Velcro to be fastened easily and reliably, and more than once.

Possess a Moisture Indicator — the moisture indicator will show in time when the diaper needs to be changed;

Affordable thanks to the Favorable price — PREMIUM quality diapers at an attractive price.

To make your baby feel only gentle touches, join the number of satisfied buyers of Mommy Baby diapers.

How to turn a base image into an original one?

1. Follow fashion and train observation.

2. Experiment — add the same decoration to different looks, and then note what impression each one makes.

3. Do not chase all the trends at once, do not wear all the jewelry from the jewelry box at the same time. Often, only one element can transform an outfit.

4. Choose jewelry that matches the lifestyle and occasion.

5. Consider your individual characteristics and style of clothing.

6. Mix jewelry with other accessories: scarves, belts, watches, glasses.

How to improve your life using candle magic

A candle is a special tool that connects a person with the power of fire. It is a source of energy that can help achieve any goals.

The magic candle is a symbol and the center of the unification of several elements:

The earth is the body of the candle.

Fire is her flame.

Water is melted wax.

Air is smoke

Magic candles accumulate your personal energy, multiplying, releasing it and directing it to work on a specific task. The magical power of candles is fraught with incredible positive energy. They stand on the «bright» side: do not turn to candles if you wish someone harm. Their sphere is positive changes in life.

What kind of candles to use during magical rituals.

The use of fire magic, the correct selection of the color of the candle, along with the image of a strong talisman, turns the candle into a powerful tool for achieving your goals. Each of the presented candles in itself is a self-sufficient full-fledged ritual with certain results.

Talisman candles.

Such magic candles with the help of fire literally release energy from a stone — a talisman, which is in a jar with a candle. For greater effect, keep them in the apartment, so the power of the candle will be multiplied several times!

Cash flow. The color of the candle is green. The embodiment of wealth, prosperity and career growth. It multiplies profits, provides the necessary inflow of money and material wealth. Shield from crisis and poverty. Sign: cosmic talisman of wealth. Citrine is a stone of good luck and good deals.

A dream come true. The color of the candle is orange. Erases obstacles on the way to a dream. Accelerates the achievement of goals, helps self-realization, brings positive changes. Learn to make quick decisions. Sign: meadow knot. Tiger’s eye — a stone source of activity, strength, success. Disclosure of talent. The color of the candle is purple. It develops talents, mind, promotes creativity, the beginning of a new one, the search for one’s destiny. Helps with studying and passing exams. Sign: light. Rock crystal is a stone that balances, awakens fantasy, inspires. The mineral after the burning of the talisman candle can be used as a talisman, carried with you or placed in the house.

Candles-programs. Such candles are decorated with special signs that enhance the final result of the ritual. From you — only fire and sincere faith in the positive outcome of the ceremony. The red magic candle is a symbol of passion, love, energy, physical power. They are used in rituals aimed at improving the relationship of lovers and working with libido. The sign is yin-yang.

Cleansing candles. Black is the absence of color, it perfectly absorbs different types of energies, and therefore can be charged for any action. It is used to cleanse and strengthen a person at all levels, get rid of bad habits, protect against troubles and dangers. Helps to complete old affairs, end unnecessary relationships and start a new life. Refer to such a candle to protect yourself and loved ones, strengthen the aura and general energy of the body, remove obstacles, neutralize envious people and ill-wishers, harmful influences, get rid of bad habits and diseases. These candles contain the power and soul of nature itself. Each contains extracts of herbs and plants, specially selected to enhance the effect of purification and harmonization of space and different areas of life. It is enough to light the fuse for the program enclosed inside to start working..

Chakra candles. This is a set of 7 candles, each color of a specific chakra. It is used during practices and meditations to harmonize the chakras and the human body at the level of the body, mind and spirit, to improve various areas of life. You can use the whole set to attract major favorable changes and an overall improvement in the quality of life, or individual colors to work on specific goals and dreams.

How to work with candles

Carefully consider the choice of place and time for the ceremony. For example, on a growing moon or at dawn, rituals are often performed for growth, development, luck, love, fulfillment of desires, health, and on a waning moon — to protect the house, remove negativity, cleanse, get rid of enemies and overcome obstacles.

  1. Tune in to work with a candle, calm down. If necessary, choose a quiet, pleasant place for you. If you feel more comfortable using meditative music, turn it on. A magic candle can only be lit with matches.
  2. When burning, imagine or write down the desired effect (for example, success in business or improvement in character). Light a candle as needed.
  3. Extinguish the flame with your finger or with a lid. You can’t blow out the candle, exhaling is a creative energy that can confuse the entire ritual and deflect the vector of the candle’s work that has already begun.
  4. Believe in the magic of fire and getting the desired result. Imagine in as much detail as possible that everything is already the way you want it to be.
  5. Back up your intention with real-world action. Work on your own to achieve your plan, do not expect the candle to do everything by itself. Use the power of fire to accelerate positive change in your life.

How fast does the ritual work?

When the necessary magical ritual is performed, certain mechanisms immediately turn on, and the situation begins to change. First, this happens at the energy level, the necessary prerequisites begin to be created. The result itself comes later. This period may take up to 28 days. Sometimes rituals act much faster, literally within a few days. To find out that the rite has begun to act, you need to trust your intuition and be observant. Not always our desires come true in a direct way. If more accidents and unusual events began to occur in your life, then the situation begins to change for the better. Sometimes it makes sense to repeat the ceremony, in other situations the goal is achieved the first time.

Accept any result, do not rush things, try not to ask for more than what you really need!

How to teach a child to wash their hands?

Each parent must have experienced that his child forgets or does not like to wash his hands, for example, when he comes home from the street, before sitting down at the table, after various creative games with chalk, felt-tip pens, plasticine and other various things, after which it is necessary visit the bathroom.

And they do not like it, not because children are opposed to this, but because our children do not always realize the importance of this process. We talk to them, explain to them that this is one of the most important and main processes in a person’s life.

Thanks to our beautiful set, your child will not need to be reminded to wash their hands and brush their teeth. The child will have a personal set, which he definitely will not disregard.

The set includes a beautiful children’s soap dish and liquid soap dispenser, a cup for a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a cool addition — a washcloth.

Now the kids will definitely visit the bathroom more often than adults!