Bicycle without pedals!? What is it and how to choose?

A bicycle without pedals in many countries has become popular among adults and children. This vehicle looks like a bicycle, only there is one distinctive feature — the absence of pedals. This type has many different names — a balance bike, a bicycle scooter, a bicycle run, a bicycle scooter, a runner.

At first, postmen used it to deliver mail and parcels. In the future, cycling began to be used as a vehicle for children from an early age, so that he could feel the speed, as well as easily and simply learn to ride a bicycle.

What is the purpose of a bicycle that does not have pedals?

At first glance, it would seem that cycling is a completely useless tool, but this is not at all the case, this miracle technique allows the child to learn how to manage the balance of his body.

At first, it is very difficult for a kid to pedal, which is why he must first learn to keep his balance, and only after that, he can easily use a real two-wheeled bicycle.

But how to ride this vehicle? Very easy — you just need to sit on the seat, grab the steering wheel with your hands and push off with your feet. Then just raise your legs and roll on a balance bike, trying to keep your balance.

The balance bike has a lot of positive qualities

Comfort. Light weight, on average from 3 to 5 kg, allows you to carry it in the hands of your mother when the child refuses to ride it.

Safety. Even if this vehicle accelerates quickly enough, it is difficult to fall on it, as the child can brake on his own or simply lean on his legs.

Easy to learn. Thanks to the device, the child is able to learn to keep the balance of his body. The balance bike does not have pedals and additional wheels, which allows you to control it more confidently.

satisfaction for the child. From riding a balance bike, the baby gets a lot of pleasant emotions and sensations.

The weight. A light bike will be easy to use for both the child and his parents. On a walk, you will often have to carry it from place to place, so a small weight will be very useful.

What to consider when choosing a balance bike for a child?

To avoid disappointment and unnecessary expenses, you must follow the following instructions.

Make a leg freeze. Before buying a balance bike for your child, you need to measure the baby’s legs and measure the length of the leg with a centimeter — from the foot to the groin, and subtract 2 — 3 cm. From the result, you can calculate the height of the bike seat.

What happens if you make a mistake when choosing? A small balance bike will need to be replaced with one that is larger, which leads to financial costs. If the bike is large, the baby may lose interest in it, as it will be difficult and uncomfortable for him to ride.

Select weight. For ease of movement, you should opt for a light weight model for beginner riders and a heavier one for older children.

Select wheel type. Children’s bike races have different types of wheels. The first is conventional inflated tires. The move is soft. The second type of wheels is foam rubber, they are quite reliable. They allow you to overcome various obstacles on the roads without damaging the wheel. There is one trouble — it’s low depreciation. Because of this, the rider will feel discomfort while riding, as he will feel all the bumps and uneven road surfaces.

How to choose toys that will make a child smarter?

At the sight of toys, any child’s eyes light up. Sometimes it seems that in children craving for toys is laid down on an instinctive level. The reason is that toys allow the child to fulfill his need to use his imagination and to explore new things.

In addition to the entertaining function, toys develop the child, help him become smarter, smarter; preparing him for adulthood.

For a child, the best toy is the one he chose himself. When he enjoys the toy, it is easier for him to learn something new, to get the necessary experience.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right toy for your little one.

choice of toys

Choose toys that are appropriate for your child’s age. A toy designed for an older age can be difficult for a child. He will either deal with her for a long time, or he will not be able to play with her at all. This will cause the child to abandon the toy and worse, this failure can affect his sense of self-confidence. A toy designed for younger children will be boring and uninteresting for your child.

Choose toys that match the gender of your child.

Take a look at your childto make it easier for you to understand his interests, preferences, his skills, what are his favorite characters. This will help you understand what he really likes.

Give preference to those toys that are aimed at developing the imagination. These are multifunctional toys, the process of playing with which is not limited to one or two actions. It is better, for example, to buy soft toy, which the child will be able to twirl, bend and invent different games with her participation, than to buy a battery-powered toy, which can only turn its head and make sounds. Toys that stimulate children’s imagination and imagination, allow the child to realize their ideas, develop their creative potential. Studies have shown that such toys also help develop speech and improve memory and attention.

Choose toys that your child can take apart or reshape. They develop the baby’s spatial thinking and help him gain knowledge about the variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

Offer your child a variety of toys to play with that will help him develop different skills.

Here is a list of the useful qualities of some groups of toys.

  • Toys that can be used for role-playing games. These include cubes, toy transport, animal figurines, dolls. They help to recreate the real world, according to their own idea of ​​the latter.
  • Toys with which you can carry out various types of manipulations. These include constructors, puzzles, toys with connecting parts. They are aimed at developing fine motor skills and coordination of movements.
  • Creative toys such as drawing paper, paintsscissors, glue and mass for modeling encourage self-expression, which is an essential skill for solving problems of various kinds.
  • Toys for the development of physical activity. These include bicycles, skipping ropes, balls. They allow children to control their energy, develop strength and coordination in the child.
  • Strategy games such as card games, dominoes, chess and checkers teach the child to plan, follow the rules, the ability to interact with partners and opponents.

When handing over the selected toy, you should not immediately send the child to play with it. Play with your child, explain how it works, what is attractive and interesting about it. Joint play allows the child to feel your care, love, and this has a positive effect on his desire to learn.

Do not give your child too many toys at once. One or two is enough. Too many choices can be disorienting for a child. It is better to replenish the collection of toys gradually. Then the baby will have enough time to study the toy, determine its place and role in its play world.

Make sure the toy is safe for the child. This is especially true for toddlers. When giving a toy to a small child, make sure that there are no holes in which the crumbs’ finger can get stuck or that it is large enough so that the child cannot swallow it or stuff it, for example, into the nose. A toy intended for older children must be strong and free from mechanical defects.

Store toys in such a way that the child, looking at them, wants to play with them. Do not store toys in boxes. This will lead to the fact that the child simply will not remember what toys he has, and some of them will lie and gather dust without work.

How to choose accessories that will please for a long time.

Spring is a time of renewal. I want to throw off the winter ballast and urgently please myself with something new and fresh… You start to sort out the wardrobe… You look at the things you bought earlier and start to doubt your purchasing adequacy… This scarf is too heavy, this one is bright, but it does not warm at all, and these 5 were bought in some kind of insane impulse, and you put them on once by force … Perhaps you should give them to your friends. In general, «a full closet, but there is nothing to wear.»

How to avoid such disappointment in the future? Actually, it’s simple. There are quite specific criteria for an unmistakable choice. And by and large, there are only three of them: these are pleasant emotions, quality and versatility. But each item has its own nuances, and only all three together work flawlessly.

So, point 1: the joy of contact.

Without a doubt, accessories should give pleasant emotions. Clothing can be the simplest, “basic”, but scarves, hats, snoods and stoles are what, in fact, “makes” your image and special style. So let them be bright, soft, light, airy… and, of course, different… according to your mood… You can collect a whole rainbow of colors and ask yourself every day: what color will set your “weather”? Hot pink to energize and daring? Orange to brighten up a gloomy day? Or sky blue to soften an angry mood (anything happens)?

Point 2 is important for a long-term relationship with the object . And this, of course, quality and practicality.

A little thing can be as cute as you like, but if it does not fulfill its main function (for example, it does not warm) or fails in 1-2 washings, disappointment cannot be avoided. So choose:

— Things made of natural fabrics. They will always give odds to any synthetics in terms of keeping warm and pleasant sensations for the body. Watch your choices. Surely, synthetics are more likely to gather dust on the shelf, and hands themselves are drawn to natural fabrics and natural wool. You can’t fool nature. These fabrics are the most organic for us.

— The quality of the workmanship, the durability of the thing. As one millionaire said: «I’m not rich enough to afford cheap things.» And he is right, of course. Quality requires careful selection of raw materials, laboratory development, technologies for optimal fiber weaving, ergonomic product design, quality control at all stages of production. «Ridiculous prices» can not guarantee this. Therefore, it is better to choose trusted manufacturers. A good thing becomes a good friend. It serves for a long time, tolerates fairly free (within reasonable limits) treatment, does not crumble from one careless movement, and does not get bored over time — it only becomes dearer. Such things are cherished and passed on «by inheritance.» (And sometimes sisters or daughters cunningly “take them away”, and you have to buy a new one of the same …)

Point 3 — versatility. And this, on the one hand, is also about practicality, and on the other, about creativity!

Agree, it’s great to have a little thing for any occasion, a kind of lifesaver, which is in the rain, and in the cold, in summer and winter, and on a mountain trip and at a social event … Choose multifunctional transformer things.

For example, like these cobweb stoles … Look, aren’t they beautiful? Thin, weightless wool straightens out into a wide canvas — and you can wrap yourself in them, like in a blanket. At the theatre, on a plane or on an evening walk in late spring. Warm and cozy. Wrap it around your neck like a scarf for a tighter and extra warm option for cold weather. Experiment with drapery and get new inspiring images… And the «icing on the cake»: all this beauty easily and painlessly folds into a super-compact case (from the kit) and weighs absolutely nothing. A good argument for both travel and the usual exit to the city, with our changeable weather. It’s hot — I put it in my purse, it’s cold — I took it out and put it on. The beauty!

Another product that I would like to talk about in this context is Mereti snoods. Soft and pleasant to the touch, with delicate rhinestones and a decorative removable tag. They can be worn on the head, on the neck, and even cover their face from the cold and any infection.  They take up even less space, look super-stylish and help out in any circumstances.

So, all you need for spring shopping is:

— make friends head and heart

— use the three principles of unmistakable choice

— and never settle for dubious compromises.

Be warm and beautiful — everywhere and always.

In the review, Mereti scarves and snoods made of natural Italian wool were used.

Top for the summer: what is the most fashionable?

The most fashionable magazines and stylists suggest wearing tops with shirts, jackets in both winter and autumn. And in the summer, such sleeveless clothing becomes especially relevant.

And in order to choose the most relevant style, you need to pay attention to shortened options. It is good to wear them with wide trousers, silk trousers, cargo jeans, voluminous shorts, a maxi skirt.

A cotton shirt will be an excellent accompaniment to a crop top. Leave it unbuttoned entirely or tied in a knot. As for colors, this summer you can experiment with the brightest shades. The juicy colors of the shirt can be calmed down a little with tops in basic colors: white and black.

But not only cropped tops are now at the height of fashion. T-shirts with linen details are also in trend. They also go great with loose silk trousers, wide jeans, shorts. The most relevant colors are orange, fuchsia, bright blue, yellow and of course grass green .

Calm, but at the same time stylish and noble will be an image with a gray top and steel satin trousers.

And, of course, it is important for a summer top not to be hot due to the cotton composition. Tops P&B — 100% COTTON, this is a dense, PREMIUM-quality ribbed jersey.Very pleasant to the body, 100% natural composition, dense, resistant to stretching.

They will delight you all summer!

Learn from a thousand: what the most fashionable and comfortable summer shoes look like

Fashionable setting of the season — the simpler the better. The key trend of the summer was minimalism without additional special effects. The aesthetics of the 1990s reigns again, and rough sandals, clogs with massive soles, and weightless monochrome low shoes are at the forefront of favorites.

The degree outside the window rises higher and higher — it’s time to move from theory to practice. Our top has five pairs of shoes that will come in handy in the city and will not take up much space in your vacation suitcase — look and remember!

Hits of the 90s

The resounding return of the 1990s is impossible to miss: echoes of the revolutionary decade are everywhere. Chronicles of street style by Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani have become the reference of our time. With multi-million dollar contracts, the stars flaunted in ripped tights, frayed sneakers and aged leather jackets.

Shoulder to shoulder with the rebellious grunge was sporty. We remember the olympics with the effect of color-block shining in the sun, and with them the popular sandals with adjustable straps and high soles. In focus is a cappuccino-colored model on a contrast wedge heel with a corrugated bottom, which will keep you company both for meeting the sunset on the coast and for cocktails on summer verandas.

white on white

In the cold season, the classic black color takes the lead roles, and in the summer it is worthy of competition with white. The shade of the summer of 2022 is boiled, which will play favorably in contrast with a tan and fit into a good half of the images.

We advise you to take a closer look at laconic sandals, which are associated with shoes from childhood, and a pair of more brutal silhouettes with intricate straps and chrome hardware. These shoes can be mixed with any outfit: from pajama-style suits to linen dresses and Bermuda shorts.

Stylish weaves

Clogs of warm sand color would have received approval even from those who honor fashion etiquette. Slippers, which you can shamelessly wear in the city, deserve close attention, and here’s why.

The model combines style and practicality. The streamlined shape and voluminous seam along the insole guarantees a comfortable feeling at any walking pace. Note: wicker details are an important summer microtrend that dictates the choice of image. For spectacular clogs, you want to pick up a flying dress, a roomy raffia shopper and a hat that will flirt with the wind every now and then.

According to the dress code

When the dress code can not be argued, it is worth adapting to it. Especially if corporate rules require closed shoes. Derby-inspired summer low shoes are an absolute must-have that will give confidence to every step.

Such shoes will be relevant both in the office and outside it — during long walks around the city or travel. To do this, it was equipped with an improved last, a flexible sole and an insole that adapts to the curves of the foot. The model is made of combined materials — soft, breathable and durable. The designers relied on the classics and made the right decision: a monochrome milk-colored pair will show absolute compatibility with two-piece suits, safari looks, and denim.

How to choose men’s shoes: from the most strict to the most fashionable

Oxfords, brogues, derbies, loafers… Some of them look so much alike, how do you tell them apart? Which shoes are appropriate for a business meeting, and which are better left for a walk with friends? Let’s talk about different types of men’s classic shoes using Philippe Anders London as an example.


Oxfords are closed laced shoes. This is the fundamental difference between oxfords and derbies, in which the lacing is open. In addition, for Oxfords, berets (these are the side parts of the shoe) are sewn to the vamp (the front part that closes the foot in the instep area) with a single seam.

In terms of style, oxfords made of smooth leather, black and without decoration are the most strict shoes that are appropriate in a business dress code.


Most importantly, brogues are NOT really a type of shoe (like oxfords and derbies), but a type of decoration, small holes. It is believed that brogues originated from the shoes of Irish farmers who worked in the swamps and noticed that shoes with holes dried out faster. Over time, this detail from a utilitarian turned into a kind of decoration.

This pair of shoes in our review, both «oxfords» and «brogues» can be called, and this will be correct — there is a closed lacing, and a single seam between the ankle boots and vamp, and decorative perforation.

Brogues are not the most formal shoes, even if they are technically oxfords. Perforated shoes are best worn not with a business suit, but with relaxed corduroy trousers, tweed jackets, and smart casual items.


The main difference between derbies and oxfords is open lacing. The ankle boots and vamp are separate pieces sewn together; this feature appeared as a concession to comfort, to make the shoes easier to put on.

Derbies are less formal than Oxfords, but black derbies can be worn with suits, while brown derbies look good with jeans. That is, they can be recommended as a conditionally universal pair of shoes.

Derby, a kind of «splittoe»: The toe is separated by a vertical seam.

Derby, a kind of «bluchera»: the vamp and ankle boots are made of a single piece of leather. On top of the berets, so-called facial berets can be sewn, they look like a separate part. Some consider Bluchers to be a separate type of footwear.


They are very easy to distinguish externally: these are shoes with one or two buckles, without laces. It is believed that monks are descended from the shoes of monks. But today it is the shoes of the young and fashionable, it is worn with slightly cropped skinny trousers. Monks should not be worn with full-length trousers: the buckles can cling and interfere.

About the brand

Philippe Anders are classic men’s shoes made in Italy. Shoes correspond to the standard size grid and a block of medium fullness. Many models are still sewn by hand with a special wear-resistant seam. The material is premium Italian leather. Leather lining and insole for all-day comfort.

The same trendy bag, like a celebrity

And what do we have in special fashion now?)

That’s right — everything with the prefix -ECO.

Therefore, we are not far behind and also in the subject with our beautiful ECO bag 🙂


— 52% cotton

— 48% linen

— Hard bottom (so that the bag keeps its shape well)

— Comfortable wooden handles

With such a bag, you can go to the beach, and to a restaurant, and just walk around the city😎 We also have an excellent shopper who will always help you bring delicious treats to your home)

It is roomy and stylish. Perhaps, looking at it now, you have already fallen in love and urgently want to have one for yourself;)

We won’t mind — go to our store and delight yourself with beauty🌿

Take care of nature with us 🙂

With care for you, Garti

How did the universal bandage Malala 4 in 1

How did the universal bandage Malala 4 in 1

Malala brand started its history 3 years ago. At that time, I was on my third pregnancy, and I decided not to make the same mistakes that I had in the first two.

To save myself from the hated back pain, I began to study all the bandages on the Russian market. And I realized that I don’t want to use them — they are either incorrectly designed and therefore useless or even dangerous, or they are unreasonably expensive! Plus, I wanted to use one product for the entire period, and not change the bandage every time my stomach grows. On the basis of this disappointment, a desire has grown to create something that I will be sure of and that I will use myself. Thousands of reviews studied, personal experience, consultations with the best obstetrician-gynecologists … and in 2017 the world saw the first truly safe and comfortable universal bandage for pregnant women. Malal’s bandage has an exclusively selfish beginning, but, despite this, thousands of girls are grateful for it.

In him:
4 bandages in 1. This means that it can be used for different periods of pregnancy and after childbirth — like a corset.
The back no longer hurts from the word at all, even in the later stages and even if you have more than one baby in your stomach. It feels like someone took and lifted your stomach with both hands))
High-quality hypoallergenic composition: 76% Italian cotton, 12% bamboo soft viscose, 12% elastic spandex.
The legs swell less, as the load on them is reduced, especially this will be a salvation for varicose veins.
Of the future advantages: the risk of stretch marks is significantly reduced, since the stomach is well fixed.
You feel more secure and calm for the baby — the bandage helps him
correct head down position.

In previous pregnancies, I was prescribed a bandage. In the first — I ignored this appointment, in the second — I bought the first one that came across, which constantly slipped. If I had created Malal two pregnancies ago, perhaps now I would not have stretch marks and other delicate problems.

Everyone chooses for himself when to start wearing a bandage. Usually this is from 20-28 weeks — someone needs it earlier, someone later. But before buying, you need to consult a doctor. Take care of your health!

Eco-leather as the main trend of 2020-2021: how to wear and what to combine with

It is not the first season that leather products, and especially eco-leather products, are gaining popularity. In addition to leather trousers, skirts, shorts and raincoats, fashionistas especially liked dresses and sundresses made of this quality material. In addition to the classic black color, nude, flesh-colored skin tone is also very popular, as well as the invariable dark green and burgundy.

It should be noted that eco-leather products are wear-resistant and do not cause any special problems in care. Let’s see what to wear these products with in 2021 to stay on the wave of this trend.

Pants and shorts

These products can be safely combined not only with warm knitwear in the cold season, but also complement the image with light blouses or T-shirts, creating both a business and casual look. A suit jacket and rough boots or high boots, in the case of shorts, complete this look very well.


Here, the styles are much more diverse: this is the pleated skirt, which is still popular in recent years, and the permanent classic pencil skirt, trapeze skirts of various lengths and without processing the bottom, with a “raw” edge. Also interesting are new solutions with an asymmetric cut. You can complete the look with both a blouse and a turtleneck, complemented by various jewelry, for example, a thin chain with a pendant or a large decoration.


Definitely one of the leaders of this trend. The jacket can be used all year round, and in the transitional season it easily replaces the jacket. A chiffon dress will easily make a romantic pair with a leather jacket, and a small handbag will complement the set. But don’t ignore both banana jeans and skinny skinny jeans, depending on your preference. You can adequately complement the image with a ribbed turtleneck or a transparent mesh bodysuit.


From mini to midi, slim fit to loose fit. A fresh trend, puff sleeves, is still popular here; in a leather product, this looks especially impressive and attracts attention. It should be noted that it is for dresses that embossing on the skin is relevant, which gives a “naturalness” to the material, this is, like a corrugated surface, and an imitation of reptile skin. Feel free to complete the image with high boots, even if the product overlaps them with its length.

Sundresses and shirt dresses

A sundress can be either on its own or complete with a blouse, depending on whether you need a casual look or you are going to a party. A shirt dress can also be complemented with a turtleneck, no one has canceled the 70s yet, so feel free to complete the look with vintage glasses or a handbag.

7 ideas on how to keep your child busy in the country during bad weather

Not always the weather on the street is conducive to walks or games in the yard. It happens that the rain spoils our plans for “traveling” around the garden. What should parents do with their children in this case? Of course, play fun and kind games at home. Today in our selection of 7 ideas that will help you and your children relax and enjoy each other’s company.

1. Arrange a hairdresser at home

Girls, and sometimes boys too, love to do their hair to their relatives. So why not arrange a small barbershop at home? Surely, you will find elastic bands, hairpins, and a large mirror in front of which you can sit down, like in a real hairdresser, and watch the process. And if you still don’t want to be a “guinea pig”, then you can buy a toy mannequin and arrange a country beauty contest. Share the results on social networks with your friends!

2. Build a picnic tent

If you can’t arrange a picnic in nature, then you need to proceed from the circumstances — have a picnic at home. To do this, build a small house from improvised materials: blankets, pillows and chairs can be used. And if you don’t have the strength to build your own hut, then just look at the options for houses on Wildberries.

3. Blind fairy tale characters from plasticine

Modeling is not only interesting, but also a useful activity. Develops imagination, concentration and fine motor skills. So you can mold fairy-tale characters from plasticine with whom it will be interesting to play. And if there are several children in your family, then arrange an exhibition. Winner — yummy 🙂

4. Play board games

Board games will never lose their relevance. Yes, and pick up a game for the appropriate age is very easy. With kids, you can safely play educational games, and for older children, active games are suitable.

5. Compete in air volleyball

All you need for this game is balloons and some free space. Divide the room into two halves, inflate a few balloons and, standing on different halves, throw them to each other. The winner is the one on whose half the ball never falls. To make the game more difficult, just inflate a few more balloons.

6. Guess what is missing

This game will be interesting to play not only for children, but also for adults. You will need a tray and a few small things: for example, a watch, a cube, a small figurine, a doll, toy furniture. First, let the baby feel all the objects, then blindfold him and remove one of the objects. The child must feel by touch to determine what was missing from the tray. And then it’s your turn to guess!

7. Collect something from the constructor

The constructor is interesting in that you can collect anything from it. The main thing is to have enough details. And if the kid can’t come up with something of his own yet, offer him your own version or follow the instructions of the designer.