Delicious, natural sweets — RUSH caramel popcorn. It’s not just sweet popcorn. We made a REAL and healthy gourmet dessert based on creamy caramel and popcorn. We added whole, selected nuts, seasoned with a generous portion of airy marshmallows and drizzled with Belgian chocolate. We don’t just cook unusual sweets — we make healthy treats […]

HOW and WHY do children play with the constructor?

When choosing a gift for a child, pay attention to such an entertaining and interesting thing as the ANT constructor. These «smart toys» can occupy the baby for a long time and become his favorite. After all, with them you can come up with a huge number of new games and collect interesting designs. The […]

How to interest a child in reading the school curriculum?

A little more than an hour — and the «Prisoner of the Caucasus» is read! At the same time, you figured out the meaning of 68 new words (and don’t say that you are well aware of what “snoring” is. When it comes to horses, this word has a completely different meaning) and learned the […]

What essential oils are suitable for preventing colds?

Autumn is a time not only for enjoying the beautiful landscapes, but also for taking extra care of your health. So that a cold does not interfere with staying active and alert, so that plans do not have to be postponed for an uncertain tomorrow, it is worth taking care of disease prevention. To support […]

Which JKeratin products are suitable for a colorist?

If you are involved in changing the hair color of your clients, then you know how important it is to maintain the quality of the hair and take into account the many nuances during the procedure. Pay attention to products that will become your assistants. Complex for the reduction of disulfide bonds S+S It is […]

Mommy Baby diapers are gentle, like mom’s love.

Mommy Baby diapers are so gentle and pleasant for the baby’s skin that they give a feeling of care and comfort, like a mother’s touch. Every newborn just needs gentle touches and hugs. The baby learns to communicate, feeling how he is being touched, how he is being held. To show love and tenderness to […]

How to turn a base image into an original one?

1. Follow fashion and train observation. 2. Experiment — add the same decoration to different looks, and then note what impression each one makes. 3. Do not chase all the trends at once, do not wear all the jewelry from the jewelry box at the same time. Often, only one element can transform an outfit. […]

How to teach a child to wash their hands?

Each parent must have experienced that his child forgets or does not like to wash his hands, for example, when he comes home from the street, before sitting down at the table, after various creative games with chalk, felt-tip pens, plasticine and other various things, after which it is necessary visit the bathroom. And they […]