How to save money on laundry. 5 useful tricks

The economic crisis, the coronavirus pandemic, work interruptions — all this makes a modern person learn to save money. Methods for this are used in a variety of ways, and one of them is washing. This is quite obvious, given that people do not lack clothes, but washing powder is not cheap, and the washing […]

How to decorate a house for the New Year with a child?

Today I want to tell you how you can prepare for the New Year with your children. The benefits of joint preparations are obvious: children are involved in the process of preparing and waiting for the holiday. They will be interested in participating in creating gifts for relatives and friends with their own hands. So, […]

How to surprise a child for the new year?

New Year’s time is approaching, and many parents begin to think about what to give their child this time, how to please and even surprise them? In order not to puzzle over what to choose in this abundance of toys and other knick-knacks, consider an interesting, original and at the same time useful gift — […]

How interesting to brighten up the expectation of the New Year for a child?

As you know, time for children does not flow like it does for us adults, flying faster and faster every day. Remember when you were a kid waiting for something. Time passed unbearably long, the wait seemed eternal! So how interesting is it for a child to brighten up the endlessly long wait for their […]

How to raise a smart child: useful tips

Every parent wants their child to be smart and talented. But, as they say, geniuses are not born, they are made. Each child has his own unique abilities and the task of the parent is to develop his natural inclinations. It is necessary to engage in the development of the child from early childhood. From […]

What should be underwear for expectant and nursing mothers

In anticipation of the baby, the female body is constantly changing. These changes also occur after the birth of the crumbs, which means that you need to prepare for this not only by taking care of yourself, keeping yourself in good physical shape, and monitoring your health, but also being in a good mood is […]

With which diaper for newborns, even an inexperienced mother will not have problems

If you are not yet the most experienced mother, then you have enough experiences in the first months of a baby’s life: “Why is he crying again?”, “Maybe he is cold?”, “What if he doesn’t get enough?”, “What if he gets sick? «. My head is spinning from daily thoughts and decisions, and I want […]

Pencil case for a student — what should it be?

Each child is individual, someone loves complete order in everything, someone is not so pedantic, he is always in a hurry somewhere, he is not interested in all sorts of little things, the main thing is to act. So, there are many different pencil cases: with one compartment or with several sections, with compartments for […]

What color should a wallet be to attract money?

Today a story for those who believe in omens or just want a little more money. At the end of the ritual to raise funds. Probably, for no one will be the «discovery of the century» that, according to popular belief, the right wallet becomes a magnet for money, or vice versa. The financial well-being […]

Body skin care — what should it be?

The condition of the skin of the body depends on proper care, selection of cosmetics and your habits. Dead scales spoil the appearance of the skin, making it dull and uneven. They often cause inflammation and irritation, preventing body care products from having the maximum effect. The main task of our DUANN solid body scrubs […]