What to do with a child and how to do everything?!

Taking care of children, cooking, washing and cleaning — mom will always find something to do on maternity leave. How can you do it all here? Soon after the birth of a baby, every mother has hundreds of questions, one of which is: “What to do with a child?” 5 irreplaceable things will help a […]

How to teach a child to think effectively? Proven ways for preschoolers.

We all consider our children to be special and we want the baby to grow up healthy and smart, to be successful in life, to succeed and become happy. And what is needed for this? The answer is simple: give the child a solid footing and push him in the right direction. But at the […]

A simple way to rejuvenate, or how to reduce the negative effects of toxic fumes on the skin

An aggressive environment is what reigns on the streets of our cities now. Emissions, carbon dioxide, toxins, sudden temperature changes. All this directly affects our skin. How to get rid of constantly appearing pimples all over the body, from a rash or redness?Eternally hiding at home or sitting in a spacesuit will not work. And […]

How to understand that the lipid barrier of the skin is broken?

If your skin has changed a lot lately, seems irritated, and breakouts appear on it, it’s time to think — perhaps it’s all about a broken skin barrier. The composition of the lipid layer includes free fatty acids (to a greater extent, oleic and linoleic), ceramides (content in the skin up to 50%) and cholesterol. […]

Relax — yes: how to arrange a home spa

What for? We are sure that the right spa treatment (even in your own bathroom) will help you regain strength and relax. The main thing is attitude. To begin with, create a pleasant atmosphere: make sure that no one bothers you, light candles, dim the lights. Relaxing music would be nice too. Aroma candle with […]

Rose in cosmetics. What foods are worth trying?

Rose essential oil is one of the most luxurious and effective cosmetic oils, as well as a versatile product for women’s beauty. It evens out the complexion, relieves swelling, relieves dark circles under the eyes, helps strengthen capillaries, reduce the oiliness of problem skin, tighten tired and moisturize dehydrated skin. And rose oil has unique […]

How to maintain intimate hygiene while traveling

Women’s intimate hygiene is a very important and delicate issue. Your comfort and health depend on the choice of a daily care product, because irritation and an unpleasant odor cause great inconvenience, both physically and psychologically. When it is possible to take a shower and use your favorite gel or foam for intimate hygiene, then […]

How to choose a facial tonic?

Quality daily skin care includes 3 stages — cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Why is the second stage needed and how to choose the right remedy? Now we’ll tell you. The use of a tonic helps to complete the cleansing stage, moisturize and refresh the skin, and prepare it for applying a cream or serum. Another […]