How to protect your harvest in summer: TOP 3 ways

Russian gardeners have to overcome many obstacles on the way to a decent harvest. Andrey Tumanov, chairman of the All-Russian organization Gardeners of Russia, told how to properly care for country plantings. High temperatures and a large amount of direct sunlight do not always have a beneficial effect on the vegetation of plants. Each […]

What to do if burned in the country

What measures are important to take to avoid overheating and protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation in the summer heat? Beautician and plastic surgeon Olga Ovanesova told about this and other useful recommendations. How not to get burned in the country Since ultraviolet is radiation, it is important to prevent direct sunlight from reaching […]

How to water plants in the summer in the country

The gardener’s harvest depends on many conditions. One of them is a sufficient amount of water in plants. Selcor, chairman of the All-Russian organization «Gardeners of Russia» Andrey Tumanov, told how to properly water a garden plot. What water should be used for irrigation When watering, pay attention to the water that the gardener […]

How to switch to proper nutrition without harm to mental health

Numerous books and articles have been devoted to proper nutrition. However, for many, this concept is still a big mystery. How to smoothly and harmlessly make it a part of your life, Tatyana Filippova, an endocrinologist and nutritionist, told People have different approaches to the issue of proper nutrition. You can simply adequately take […]

How to get rid of sweating

In the summer season, sweating is especially uncomfortable, and in some cases may indicate health problems. In an interview with, cosmetologist and plastic surgeon Olga Ovanesova told how to properly care for your body. How to prevent and mask sweating As a rule, sweating causes a lot of trouble in the armpits, the doctor […]

How to reduce the sensitivity of tooth enamel — expert advice

Various factors act as a cause of discomfort during temperature, chemical or mechanical effects on the teeth. Dentist Irina Rubleva told how to solve the issue of increased tooth sensitivity — hyperesthesia. What Causes Tooth Sensitivity? For people, this problem has a different degree of relevance, depending on the strength of the pain. It […]

How to correct eating behavior — expert advice

People often try to rebuild their diet, change their attitude to food in order to lose weight, be more healthy and vigorous. Endocrinologist and nutritionist Tatyana Filippova told how to deal with bad eating habits. What should be the correct diet According to the specialist, the main sign of an eating disorder is a […]

Fieldfare thrushes: How to deal with the most harmful birds in the country

What methods will help in the fight against rowan thrushes? And what does plush toys and Carlson have to do with it? Andrey Tumanov, chairman of the All-Russian organization «Gardeners of Russia», answered these questions of How to distinguish fieldfare thrushes from other birds Read also How to protect your harvest in summer: TOP […]

Perseid Stream 2022: how to make a wish on the night of August 12-13

In early August, Russians will be able to see in the night sky the brightest starfall of the summer — the Perseid stream. What is the Perseid Stream The Perseids are a meteor shower that annually passes close to Earth from the direction of the constellation Perseus — hence the name. The stream is formed […]