The pediatrician told what a first-aid kit should consist of for the summer

Summer is the time for holidays and fun. But falls and illnesses await the baby both in the city and in the country. Pediatrician Ilya Bogdanov told the radio «Petersburg”, which should consist of an ideal children’s first aid kit for the summer. Summer vacation can be accompanied by various ailments. In case the heir […]

I want a foreign car: What car can be driven from the EU to Russia for 2 million rubles

Today, buying a new car within two million is possible, but not easy. Difficulties arise, including with paperwork for the car. In an interview car selection expert Denis Eremenko explained how today you can bring a car from another country and not run into scammers. Denis EremenkoExpert in car selection, on the market since […]

How to bring a car to the Russian Federation from Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan, and how much does it cost

With the departure of companies producing and selling cars from the Russian market, the issue of acquiring foreign cars is especially acute. If the driver is determined to buy a car from Europe or Asia, but does not trust foreign sellers, you can bring the car on your own. Auto selection expert Denis Eremenko told […]

Difficulties of transportation: How not to lose money when buying a car in Europe

In the conditions of an unstable situation in the car market, it has become more difficult to buy a coveted foreign car. Auto expert Denis Eremenko in an exclusive interview shared with 5-tv.ruwhat you need to know before buying a car from European countries. Denis EremenkoExpert in car selection, on the market since 2007 How […]

How not to run into scammers when buying a car abroad

You can buy a car from a foreign manufacturer and import it into Russia not only on your own, but also through an intermediary company. Auto expert Denis Eremenko in a conversation with explained how to recognize a scammer, what documents are required for a foreign car and what to do if a faulty […]

Which dentists should not go to

High-quality dental treatment will be effective only if it is carried out by a competent specialist. How to choose an attending physician, and why it is dangerous to be treated by a dubious doctor, said dentist Irina Rubleva in an interview with What is dangerous to be treated by an unverified dentist Visiting an […]

Who can get dental implants — advice from a dentist

A lost tooth causes not only aesthetic problems, but also negatively affects the structure of the oral cavity. What is fraught with the absence of dental implants, and is it safe to put them, said dentist Irina Rubleva in an interview with Is it dangerous to put dental implants According to the dentist, dental […]

How to protect your skin from the harsh sun

In summer, the issue of protecting the skin becomes much more relevant due to increased sun activity. Plastic surgeon and cosmetologist Olga Ovanesova told how to choose a remedy for skin protection in the summer. A sunscreen must meet the criteria that make it a truly great option for use in the summer. According […]

What to do if you get burned on vacation

What measures are important to take to avoid overheating and protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation in the summer heat? Beautician and plastic surgeon Olga Ovanesova told about this and other useful recommendations. How not to get sunburned on the beach Since ultraviolet is radiation, it is important to prevent direct sunlight from reaching […]