Prayer for quarrels in the family. The most effective prayers for peace and love in the family

Have you stopped recognizing your once friendly family? Have misunderstandings appeared in the relationship, conflicts have become more frequent? In the Orthodox faith, the family occupies an important place, and therefore prayer from quarrels in the family can work wonders, returning harmony to your relationships with loved ones. Turning to the Higher Forces will help […]

Movies about love in English

You can diversify the traditional celebration of Valentine’s Day by watching a movie about love in English! So you will create a romantic atmosphere, and practice various ways of declaring love. Photo: Unsplash We offer you with your favorite list of 10 movies worth watching in English! La La Land The sensational musical tells about […]

5 habits that prevent you from becoming successful

Every person dreams of becoming successful. Some manage to achieve what they want, while others, on the contrary, graze the rear. Oddly enough, this is due to our mistakes. Get rid of them and life will get better! freepik Sometimes we get in the way of success. You ask: how is this possible when I […]

How to survive stress — TOP 5 effective tips

All tired and nerves at the limit? No problem! Each of us is faced with anxieties and worries. It is important to be able to deal with them. Especially for you, the magazine «Lisa» has collected the best tips for stress relief! Unsplash Perhaps there is no person who has never suffered from stress. We […]

4 channels for studying history

April 15, 2022, 14:49 For the maximum understanding of today’s events, we need to know and understand the centuries-old relations with the aggressor country, which constantly tried to suppress the freedom of the Ukrainian people. First Lady Olena Zelenska shared a useful list that will help you quickly master the history of Ukraine. Watching […]

enough to look for yourself, time to create

The brain is a perfect machine that you can learn to control. It works for us if we know how to get the most out of ourselves. We cannot control our condition, but we can charge our body with the right energy. So let’s learn to do it today. Freepik Anyone who has at least […]