How not to spend money on a beautician, but at the same time look expensive?

There is a myth that only those who regularly visit a beautician look beautiful and young. Actually it is not. We tell you how not to spend money on a beautician, but at the same time look irresistible! Who is a beautician? Recently, cosmetology has become a very broad concept, hovering between medicine and the […]

In what faux fur coat will you look luxurious and expensive?

The ICONIC CODE brand has a line of premium faux fur coats. Today I would like to tell you about the bestseller, which the brand team decided to translate into a luxury format. Of course, we are talking about the OVERSIZE lux model that our customers love. The fur coat is made in a luxurious […]

How to talk to a child who is afraid of a pandemic?

The last weeks have greatly changed people’s lives: in quarantine countries, children are switching to distance learning, and adults are switching to a remote work format. In such conditions, children suffer no less than parents, and maybe even more. If fathers and mothers, due to their age, are able to adequately perceive the situation with […]

How to talk to a child who wants to get a tattoo?

In the modern world, tattoos, it would seem, no longer surprise anyone. However, almost every parent, even a not very conservative one, has a lot of emotions and feelings when a child comes up and says: “Mom, dad, I want to get a tattoo!” How to respond to such a statement? Let’s figure it out. […]

In safety? When and how can you leave your child at home alone?

Sooner or later, all parents face a dilemma: to leave or not to leave the child at home alone? Some recall how independent they were at the age of their child, while others think with horror about the movie «Home Alone». However, not all mothers and fathers have the opportunity to give the child to […]

How and where to use all-purpose cleaners for house cleaning?

A universal cleaner for all types of surfaces — a real lifesaver for any housewife. There is no longer a need to store five bottles of expensive products, because there is one — universal! All-purpose cleaners are designed for use on a variety of surfaces. Sometimes they are called multifunctional because they are able to […]

Create an atmosphere of magic or 7 ideas on how to decorate your home with garlands

The end of autumn and winter is a gloomy season with little sunlight. During this period, it is easy to fall into a blues or depression. You can fight a bad mood with the help of additional lighting in the interior. You can create such lighting by decorating the house and yard with garlands. If […]

White women’s shirts. Which shirt to choose: a classic fitted cut or an oversized shirt?

Even if you don’t have a strictly business dress code at work, a white women’s shirt is such a versatile item that having it in your wardrobe will definitely not make you wonder what to wear. The product can be worn and combined with anything: with classic and tight pants, jeans, skirts, shorts, etc. But […]

How to find a gift for February 23 and March 8, so that it suits absolutely everyone?

Now there is a large selection of various goods for sports and fitness, and among them you can find good gift options for February 23 and March 8 for the whole family. But if you are lost among this variety, or do not want to give a banal gift, like everyone else, there are several […]