The most important life hack: how to choose safe bedding for a child?


There is one significant difference between quality pillowcases and duvet covers for children and adults. And this is not the color and not even the fabric from which they are made.

Let’s talk about fasteners.

Duvet covers and pillowcases have a slit through which a duvet or pillow will be placed. In «adult» sets (and for teenagers), various fasteners are usually sewn into this section: buttons, zippers or buttons. But in the «children’s» underwear, there are most often no such amenities, which is why in the morning the blanket can «escape» from the duvet cover, and the pillow and pillowcase lie separately from each other.

The question is, why do manufacturers not take care of such a trifle?

The answer, as always, is simple: it’s all about safety.

High-quality children’s underwear is distinguished precisely by the absence of potentially dangerous elements, which include fasteners. The button may come off and the child may accidentally swallow it. Or it can get stuck in the airways and lead to suffocation. Zippers can scratch the delicate skin of the child. In addition, such accessories break easily.

Therefore, when choosing bedding for children, pay attention to the presence of zippers and buttons. If they are not, then the kit has passed the safety test for at least one item.


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