Makeup sponge battle. How to choose?


Someone out of habit applies cosmetics with their fingers, someone prefers brushes, but most modern women have sponges in their cosmetic bag. In order for the make-up to be perfect, the accessory must correspond to the purpose, be of high quality and easy to use. How to navigate the numerous offers of manufacturers and choose the right sponge?

Why do you need cosmetic sponges

Sponge is a kind of sponge made of natural or artificial material. It is intended for applying decorative cosmetics, removing make-up and washing. Each type has its own characteristics — texture, pore size, shape and size. What tasks should they be able to handle?

  • sponges for applying foundation creams or concealers are designed to evenly distribute the product on the skin;
  • accessories for removing makeup should remove it without damaging the skin;
  • cleansers — massage and lightly scrub the skin, improving blood flow and absorbing the dirt accumulated during the day.

The biggest responsibility lies with the makeup sponge. A poor-quality product can irreparably spoil your appearance — apply cosmetics unevenly, or even in lumps.

Types of makeup sponges

The size and shape of the beauty sponge depends on the area of ​​​​the face on which it will be used and the product that is applied to it.


  • Sponges in the shape of a triangle are designed to distribute tinting or corrective means. The wide part is for the cheeks and forehead, the narrow part is for the T-zone and the corners of the eyes.
  • The drop-shaped form is universal, it can be used on any part of the face, it is very convenient to use.
  • An oval-shaped sponge is used to make up the infraorbital region. They are good for blending color borders.
  • Round and square sponge — a tool for applying powder.
  • A sponge in the form of a brush is convenient to use as an applicator for shadows or for correcting makeup.

Sponges, due to their tight fit to the skin, are able to work out any areas of the face. The layer can be made very thin and thicker, and work with a texture of any density. The most popular drop-shaped sponges today distribute foundation on the face very well. The disadvantage of sponges is their absorbent structure, with them the consumption of cosmetics increases. Sponges «live» less than brushes and require more thorough care.

Sponge Mistakes

If you don’t like how the sponge works, you may have misused it.

What not to do when working with a sponge:

  • apply creams with smearing movements, they must be driven into the skin;
  • leaving it uncleaned after use leads to rapid wear and is also unhygienic;
  • neglect soaking to remove strong contaminants, sometimes the accessory just needs to lie down for 2–3 hours in a soapy solution;
  • rub or stretch the sponge during washing, do it correctly with squeezing and unclenching movements;

Do not store sponges in a dry place, especially near heat sources — they will simply dry out and become unusable.


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