How to surprise a child on his birthday


Birthday is one of the most favorite holidays of the child, from which he always expects something fabulous, surprising and memorable. And to make your child even happier, you do not need to put in a lot of effort.

In this article, we will share the brightest and most uncomplicated surprises that will delight children at any age.

  • Air balloons. This is always a win-win and uplifting option. Waking up in the morning, the birthday boy will immediately feel the presence of the holiday. And as you know, a day that starts with joy always promises to be amazing.

  • Another way to surprise a child is put a small gift under the pillow. Immediately after waking up, groping for a rustling bag under the pillow is an incredible happiness. Joy will not be the limit!

  • Hide the main gift and turn the search for it into an exciting game. For kids, prepare in advance bright and colorful signs in the form of children’s legs that will show the way to the gift. For older children, you can write riddles or puzzles on the cards, solving which, he will be able to move further along the search route.

  • birthday cake — Another important component of a children’s birthday. Choose a cake with the birthday person’s favorite characters on it. Such a gift will definitely not go unnoticed.

  • Wake up the baby in the morning with ready-made suitcases and tell him that kindergarten is canceled today, because you are all going to celebrate your birthday at the sea, in a country camping or in the country. Unplanned holidays are the best way to please children.

  • Prepare a box of surprises and sweets. Fill it with various pleasant things. These can be unusual stationery, small toys, sweets and other items that bring pleasure to the child.

  • Make a surprise balloon. To do this, you will need a very large round ball in which you can put various small items: sweets, sparkles, papers with wishes, etc. You can put whatever you want, as long as the item is not large. Inflate this balloon to its maximum size, hang it in the center of the room and let the child burst the surprise so that gifts literally fall on him.

  • Have a paper disco. Children need very little to be happy. Therefore, five kilograms of cut gold or silver paper, favorite music and the opportunity to dig into these sparkles will give them a couple of hours of delight.

  • Children over 6-7 years old you can give a pet. This will be a great gift, especially if the child has been asking for a puppy or kitten for a long time. If conditions do not allow you to have a cat or dog, choose a hamster or parrot that does not need a lot of space.

  • If the birthday boy is interested in all sorts of experiences, have a science day with him. Buy kids kits in advance that will help your child grow crystals, change the color of liquids, and create small volcanoes.

  • Congratulations from your favorite hero. Write a letter of congratulations from a character your child likes. Beautifully design everything in Photoshop, print and put in the mailbox. Having found such a letter, the child will be delighted.

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