How to put together the perfect look? 5 important rules


In this article, we will talk about important rules that will help you create the perfect, and most importantly, comfortable image that will be in harmony with your lifestyle.

The photo shows a SHOESLEL shoe model, art. 61504138

Tip #1

Find your inner self and boldly act as you see fit. Experiment until you find the look that suits you best. Romantic dress or leather pants — you choose.

Tip #2

Your image is a reflection of your life. Think about where you spend more time: at work, in the gym, at home, or for your favorite hobby? Define the main areas and the secondary ones — so it will be easier for you to understand which things should prevail and which should be less.

Tip #3

Consider your individual characteristics: height, body type, foot size. Do not try to immediately buy what is fashionable. First, study your color type, choose the silhouette, style and even the length of the product. Not everyone is equally suited, for example, trendy massive sneakers or short ballet shoes with flat soles.

Tip #4

Make friends with accessories. They will perfectly complement any image (just do not overdo it). Before leaving the house, look in the mirror: if more than 3 details catch your eye, then you overdid it, the image needs to be “calmed down”. Remember, you are always the center of attention, and accessories should only help you with this.

In the photo, SHOESLEL shoe models, art. 61881504

Tip #5

They are met not by «clothes», but by shoes. Therefore, choose high-quality and stylish shoes that will serve you for more than one season and remain in decent shape.

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