How gift sets from the «Intoxicated glass» series are created


Gift products are very diverse, and yet, many often have problems choosing a gift.

I want it to be unique, remind of a past event, and evoke positive emotions. That is why «gift connoisseurs» are increasingly turning their attention to gifts made by our workshop.

When melted, each product acquires a unique shape and individual design. To receive such a gift is much more pleasant than a thing that is in mass production. In addition, our gifts are not only practical, but can also amuse and please, causing only positive emotions!

It has long been noticed that just a few bright and creative details can play a decisive role and emphasize your individuality in the best possible way.

To obtain finished products, we use the products of leading foreign and domestic glassware manufacturers under such trademarks as Luminarc, Pasabahce and others.

The process of changing the original shape takes place in special furnaces, where the glass is deformed under the influence of high temperatures, and the “magic” created by the craftsmen allows the products to take their own unique and sometimes bizarre shape. This process is quite lengthy and difficult. So, in order to give the desired “hoppy” shape to any of the products, it is necessary to spend about twelve hours on it, while it is simply impossible to speed up this.

This is due to the fact that with rapid heating or rapid cooling, the glass begins to crack and break, while losing the necessary qualities. Therefore, when loading products into special furnaces, we first subject the glass to a ground stage-by-stage heating to a temperature sometimes reaching up to 900 degrees Celsius, and then, having caught the right moment, we begin to slowly and gradually lower the temperature until the products cool down to room temperature. Acceleration of the process of heating or cooling, as well as an incorrect determination of the moment of fixing the melting of products inevitably leads to a negative result.

Taking into account the small volume of the furnace, a significant share of energy costs, the long processing time and the high level of employment of masters, you can understand the algorithm of our pricing.

We offer you really original, interesting and unique things!

Glass and fire can surprise!


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