Good bedding. What is it?


1. Fabric density

Duvet cover in 210 TC satin from the Essential collection by Tkano.

The density of the fabric is the most important criterion for choosing bed linen. This is the number of threads per square centimeter of fabric (the more the better). Conscientious manufacturers indicate the density of the fabric on the label. The more threads in the fabric, the longer the product will last. High-density fabric is durable, soft, pleasant to the touch. The optimal density for percale is 200 TC or 120 g/m, for satin 200-300 TC or 120-125 g/m. When examining a fabric with a high density, we will not see gaps, but by running our hand over it, we will feel smoothness.

2. Dimensions

Please measure your mattress before purchasing a new set. Its height also matters: when picking up a sheet, add the height and width of the mattress. Manufacturers usually indicate the exact dimensions on the packaging.

3. Material

The main requirements for good bed linen are: breathability, hypoallergenicity, the ability to pass moisture well. Therefore, it is worth giving preference only to natural materials: cotton, linen, silk.

Mint satin bedding set with custom print from Tkano’s Freak Fruit collection.

Cotton bedding is the most popular.

Satin is a durable cotton fabric that is made by twisting double-woven cotton thread. The material is distinguished by its luster, which gives it a resemblance to silk. Satin is breathable, does not wrinkle and can withstand a large number of washes, but it can fade over time. If you appreciate softness, smoothness and coolness during sleep, pay attention to satin weave. Optimum density: 200-300 TC or 120-125 gr/m.

Percale is perfect for those who like the effect of “starched linen”. The fabric perfectly holds its shape, lets air through and retains heat. Optimum density: 200 TC or 120 g/m.

Linen is considered more hygienic than other types of fabrics: it has been scientifically proven that the material prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

If you are on a budget, but still looking for underwear made from natural materials, take a closer look at simple linen weaving: coarse calico, ranfors, poplin. Sometimes the type of weaving is not indicated on the tag, but only the composition is indicated — 100% cotton.

4. Tips for choosing

A set of two high-quality satin pillowcases from the Russian brand Tkano.

1) The denser the fabric, the better: high-quality linen should not shine through.
2) New linen should not exude a chemical smell.
3) The seams should be even, without protruding threads.
4) High-quality linen should be sewn from a single piece of fabric without seams in the middle.

When shopping for bedding, follow our tips and simple selection guidelines to find your perfect set.


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