Bathroom mirror: what is it?


In a modern bathroom, you can see a huge number of accessories and gadgets. Dispensers, soap dishes, various hook shelves and hair dryer brackets have firmly entered our lives. Some have more, some have less. But there is an element that no bathroom can do without. It’s about a mirror.

In this article, I would like to tell you what you can look for in the bathroom of mirrors and what you should focus on.

The most common option today is a mirror with LED lighting. Before him it is convenient to do cosmetic procedures. According to many, the light of the mirror even replaces the evening lighting in the bathroom.

There are a huge number of options in the form. There are circles

Classic rectangular models:

You can find something more exotic:

In addition to the shape and design, you should pay attention to the various backlight control options. Most of these mirrors use a sensor. Such a switch has an unobvious minus — the remaining prints on the mirror sheet. If this bothers you, then you should look at mirrors with a mechanical switch or motion sensor.

In addition to a clean canvas, mechanical control also costs a little more than other options.

In addition to the backlight function, you can find mirrors with a built-in multimedia system, an anti-fogging system and a clock located directly on the mirror sheet. With such a gadget in the bathroom, you will definitely not be late for work, and in the evening you can soak up the foam with your favorite music.

Since the bathroom is a place of high humidity, it is worth choosing a mirror, the electrical elements of which are enclosed in a plastic case. It is also possible to use a frame made of MDF. I strongly do not recommend installing a mirror based on chipboard — this material will quickly swell and lose its attractive appearance. You should not choose options in which all electrical «guts» are visible from the outside. Only if you are 100% sure that the mirror will not come into contact with water, then you can afford such a design.

By the way, more classic versions of mirrors in a frame or on a leather belt do not lose their relevance.

Often, to save space in the bathroom, they use not a mirror, but a mirror cabinet.

But I will talk more about this element of the interior in the next article.


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