Makeup brushes: which ones are needed, types, care and how to choose the right one?


Star makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury admits that without good brushes, her makeup would not be so perfect, because makeup artist tools are an extension of hands. We completely agree with Charlotte, so we invite you to learn everything about makeup brushes and learn how to use them correctly.

What are makeup brushes for?

Today, a light and quick refreshing make-up is popular, which can be done in 5-7 minutes, applying creamy textures with your fingers. But if you love experimenting with makeup and learning new techniques, makeup brushes are indispensable. To choose the right makeup brushes, you need to consider two main factors: the composition of the pile and the shape.

Makeup brushes: which one for what?

Foundation brush

A recognized classic is the flat synthetic brush, which is easy to create both very thin and denser coverage.

Concealer brush

The concealer brush is small and usually made from synthetic fibers. The pile should be gentle and soft so that the brush does not cause discomfort when working with the sensitive area around the eyes.

Powder, bronzer and blush brush

This shape is ideal for applying all types of powders, bronzers and blushes.

Eye shadow brush

Dry shadows are easy to pick up and apply to the eyelid with a small flat brush. In the crease of the eyelid, use a round barrel brush to blend the pigment. To complete your eye makeup, use a soft blending brush, which can smooth out the edges and bring the transition of shades to the ideal.

Eyeliner brush

use a flat beveled brush — it is suitable not only for eyeliner, but also for eyebrow makeup.

lipstick brush

To paint lips beautifully, use a small, flat, synthetic bristle brush with a pointed tip. It evenly distributes the creamy texture on the delicate skin of the lips and helps to define the contour.

The best makeup brushes


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