Like my mother, only her own. Choosing a sports bag for active girls.


If your shopping is not complete without children’s purchases, and your daughter has already grown up, her requests can lead to a dead end. Such a bag, so that like adults, but not huge, fashionable and not heavy. A sports accessory, despite the variety of options, is not so easy to pick up.
A child with some kind of talent becomes attached to things that bring him closer to this occupation. He forms an emotional habit by using these items in everyday life, and therefore it is important to reinforce a positive attitude for every detail.
Do you know the situation when your unsuccessful arguments about the choice of certain things, toys lead your daughter to upset feelings? This happens because our coordinate systems are different from each other.

How are mothers chosen?

In the first place is practicality, the properties of the fabric. On the second — the convenience and size of the product, and beauty is already on the third.

How do children choose?

Something bright, pleasant to the touch, a lot of details and decorations. Another factor is “like a girlfriend”. What can I say, we ourselves like to repeat something after our favorite peers.

When it is difficult to find a compromise, those manufacturers who have learned to notice your interests and are ready to create what you want to get help. On the showcase of an online house for talented individuals «UMKINA BERLOGA» you will find a bag that will delight you.

Lightweight, compact and stylish bag will appeal to both mom and daughter!

This bag will take you on a trip, a country camp and a school bus trip! She will be happy to serve as a creative girl who is engaged in gymnastics, ballet and any kind of dance. If your child develops his abilities in sports, this bag will become a devoted companion at training camps and trainings.

Moms will appreciate the durable, easy-care fabric and dark color. Wear it in any weather: the thick Oxford material is water-repellent and stain-resistant. Zipper closure, two pockets inside the main compartment, colorful handles and no extra details!

With this accessory, you can easily accustom your child to being organized, making training clothes on your own will bring only pleasure. Spacious dimensions of 37*32 cm will allow you to fold all the necessary things for the pool or fitness. In the inner pockets measuring 18 * 15 cm each hide jewelry or keys.

Five variants of bags are available for order with canary, purple, tangerine, light pink and green handles. Attention: after acquiring a bag for your daughter, an obsession with “taking vilification” may appear. Take two at once!

We take you on an exciting journey through the expanses of the store «UMKINA BERLOGA”and we wish you always find an opportunity to please your little ones.


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