How to choose the right earrings for your face type?


The oval shape of the face is considered a reference. Almost any earrings are suitable for her, from small studs to large earrings or trendy asymmetric models.

To visually soften a square face, oval or round elongated earrings, small bright carnations, and openwork jewelry are perfect. It is better to avoid clear geometric contours and models up to the middle of the chin.

For a triangular-shaped face, it is desirable to focus on the lower part of the face. Drop earrings, rings, models to the middle of the cheekbones or to the bottom of the face are perfect for this. It is advisable to abandon small earrings and jewelry, tapering downwards.

If you are in doubt about choosing a universal pair of earrings, pay attention to studs and lightweight diamond-cut earrings. These current models are suitable for almost any type of face.

We only recommend, and the choice always remains with beautiful girls.
The main trend is to stand out!


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