How to choose the right base for manicure? Pro Tips!


Base — nail material, the main function of which is a reliable «coupling» between a natural nail and an artificial material.

The bulk of the bases are liquid, since the liquid material penetrates better into the irregularities of the nail plate, ensuring the reliability of fixing the material.

Currently, there is a huge amount of nail materials that even professionals with vast experience cannot always figure out. Well, for those who do nails themselves “at home”, it is almost impossible to make a choice.

Let’s discuss what to look for when choosing bases for nails, how not to make a mistake when buying, which of the proposed bases is right for you.

And the very first piece of advice: don’t chase the low price. After all, the base is a material that is applied directly to the nail plate. And many unscrupulous manufacturers use low-quality, and sometimes unhealthy raw materials to reduce the cost of the material. Carefully study the composition, read the declaration of conformity. Choose only trusted brands. Take care of your health!!!

Next important question: what kind of manicure are you going to do, how do you plan to cover your nails.

Nail materials for covering nails are divided into gel and varnish.

Nail polishes air dry, they do not require special lamps, and if you plan to cover your nails with nail polish, then you need a base on a varnish basis.

For gel polish, which is considered a more modern material, a gel-based base is needed. Such materials do not dry out in air; special UV or LED lamps are required for their polymerization.

The main advantage of gel polish compared to nail polish is the durability of the coating. Gel-based bases are also used in nail modeling. Historically, all gel bases were divided into hard (they were used for nail extensions) and soft (bases for gel polish). However, recently the so-called «rubber bases» have appeared, which are much thicker than the classic ones and make it possible to level the nail plate. The increased plasticity of such gel bases makes it possible to use them as a base layer for any materials, both hard and soft? And also for any, even the thinnest nails.

Transparent rubber base (in the Nailico line it is Rubber Base Nailico — art. 30141964 and 35413938) — a universal material that can be used under gel polish, gel, acrylic, polygel.

Also, rubber bases can be used to repair and strengthen natural nails and to fix decorative elements. Rubber Base Nailico is highly plastic. It serves as a reliable coupling between the nail and artificial turf, helps to avoid material detachments. Available in a 13 ml brush bottle and a 50 ml spout bottle.

A significant step in the development of basic materials was the appearance of camouflage bases, which greatly facilitated the work of the craftsmen.

Such a base can not be covered with gel polish. It reliably masks all the irregularities and defects of the nail plate, giving a well-groomed and neat, but at the same time natural look to the nails. Nailico offers two camouflage bases Rubber Base Pink (art. 30142238) and Rubber Base Light Pink (art. 30141106).

The bases are easily distributed over the nail, helping to create the perfect architecture and masking all the imperfections of the natural nail. Produced in a bottle with a brush in a volume of 13 ml.

New for 2022 are colored rubber bases with gold leaf and glitter.

With the help of such bases, you can easily and quickly create a gentle summer manicure. They significantly save the master’s time and materials, not only strengthening natural nails, but also making them colorful without the use of gel polish. Delicate, foil décor adds charm, allowing you to create the most popular designs quickly and easily.

There are 3 colors in the assortment of Nailico:

  • Rubber Base No. 1 — Soft pink with multi-colored foil particles of different sizes and shapes
  • Rubber Base No. 2 — Lilac with purple particles that give the nails the effect of «Quail egg»
  • Rubber Base No. 3 — Milky white with a deep and noble sheen

Like our classic Transparent Rubber Base Nailico, the new bases are pliable and durable, they provide a perfect grip on the natural nail, they wear well and do not chip.


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