Cozy and warm home slippers create a special atmosphere of warmth and coziness, provide maximum comfort to the feet and allow you to relax. What a bliss it is to forget about heels and uncomfortable boots, putting on cozy soft slippers! But the choice of slippers (however, like any other footwear) is subject to certain rules.

Important nuances when choosing slippers home.

If you need them for the summer, it is better to stay on models in which the legs are well ventilated and do not sweat. For this, products made of light rubber and fabric materials, with an open toe or slits, are ideal.

The size.

To measure the length of the foot, follow these steps: Place an A4 paper sheet on the floor. Put your foot on it. With a pencil or pen, mark the end of the heel and longest toe. Measure the distance between the two marked points.


The most important thing in home slippers is the sole. For a quality product, it should be no thinner than 3 millimeters. A thin sole leads to the formation of heel spurs with regular wear. Because there is a constant increased impact load on the heel.

How often should you change your slippers?

Slippers are recommended to be changed every 3-6 months, depending on the model, because we get up in them with bare feet. The accumulation of bacteria and fungi has not been canceled.

Proper care.

Guests need to be given disposable slippers, which should not be worn on bare feet. They should be discarded after use. If you can’t afford disposable slippers, buy rubber or foam shoes. It is very easy to wash. Terry slippers should be washed every week. Each family member should wear their own pair of slippers.

The right slippers will give comfort, relieve fatigue after a hard day, and also take care of your health.

Be healthy!


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