Flowerpot for plants as a stylish decoration for your garden


In order to emphasize the harmony, beauty of the garden and ennoble the territory, various landscape decorations are used. Each owner of a private house wants to make the adjacent area as comfortable as possible in order to enjoy beautiful views and fresh air. It is the original planters, outdoor pots and decorative flowerpots that create the very comfort and coziness. In our MEINGO store you will find a lot of gardening products, but in this article we will dwell in more detail only on flowerpots, consider what they are for and what material of the product is better to choose for yourself.

Why do you need a flowerpot in your area?

Flowerpots are used for planting various flowers, plants and even trees. They provide easy care for outdoor plants. Pots preserve the planted flowers and ensure the maintenance of an optimal microclimate. Even the most whimsical flowers that require special attention and comfortable conditions feel good in them.

In addition, flowerpots are used to decorate your site, refresh landscape design and complete the design of the territory. It doesn’t matter what style the pot is decorated in, it will still make the site more beautiful and interesting. Also, flowerpots are used in the garden and greenhouses, growing in them your favorite, and most importantly, fresh and healthy products for the whole family.

What material are pots made of?

You can also make a flowerpot with your own hands from popular materials. It can be wood, plastic, ceramic, rubber, concrete or clay. The most basic materials for such products are:

  • Wood

Wooden pots are suitable for any theme of garden design. These flowerpots are very beautiful, but require careful maintenance. They need to be washed and covered with special varnishes to avoid premature damage and contamination. Also, the tree is very susceptible to defects due to high humidity and instability.

  • Ceramics

It looks very aesthetic and attractive. But if we talk about practicality, then ceramics is not the best option. This is a very fragile material that requires careful handling, prone to scratches and chips.

  • Stone

One of the expensive materials. A stone flowerpot, although it looks very aesthetically pleasing, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford this option. Just like ceramics, a stone product is not very practical, any chips will be evident. Rearrangement of plants can also be done with difficulty, due to the weight of the material itself.

  • Plastic

The most popular and demanded material for a flowerpot. They are lightweight and easy to use. This version of the pot can be safely moved and, if necessary, such as frost, brought into the house or terrace. Plastic is very well suited for planting perennials, it retains moisture and does not allow the root system to dry out. They are not porous, so the root system is not supercooled. This is a good option for a plant with photosynthetic roots. A product made of such material is not whimsical in care, you can not be afraid that the sun’s rays, moisture or cold will somehow harm the pot.

It is from this material that we have selected the best option for you.

The InGreen flowerpot is an excellent solution for landscaping the area with flowers.

The product is made of durable safe plastic, which can be placed in any corner of your garden, garden, home or office. Due to its compact size and volume of 9.5 liters, such a pot is suitable for any plant, for example: for such as cactus, begonia, palm, zinnia, violet, chrysanthemum, dracaena, fuchsia, jasmine, lily, geranium, phlox, ficus, lavender, orchid, monstera, petunia, succulents.

An important advantage of growing flowers in a round pot is the possibility of using the necessary type of land, soil for a particular shoot.

The complete set consists of two parts: a spherical bowl and a leg. The leg allows you to install it, both on flat surfaces, on a balustrade and a cascade, while not losing stability.

The flowerpot can be used as a hanging, outdoor, outdoor, garden or tabletop. Also, such a pot will be an excellent gift both for a professional in their flower business, and for flower growers who are just starting to decorate their site and create comfort.

You can purchase this product from the link below:


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