Generator for giving: how to choose a model for a country house without overpayments


The generator for giving is a mobile power plant that can compensate for the lack of a central power supply or keep home appliances in working order during frequent power outages.

How to choose the right backup power source, while not making a mistake with the model and power of the generator — these questions were answered by the «Most Useful Program».

How to choose a generator for a summer residence

Before you go to the store for a generator for a country house, you need to determine the purpose of its use.

The range of device models is very extensive: summer residents are offered gasoline, gas or diesel devices. A simple algorithm will help you find the most suitable model for yourself.

Checklist for the generator

What is the purpose of the device:

  • backup power supply in the country, if the light is often turned off;
  • constant operation of large household appliances;
  • rare trips to the country or to nature.

What household devices need to be powered:

  • fridge;
  • TV, computer;
  • gas boiler;
  • water pump;
  • pumping station.

The responses received will be needed to determine the type of backup power source.

“For a backup power source or infrequent work, any inexpensive gasoline model will do, and for frequent use, gas or diesel. They cost an order of magnitude more expensive, but their motor resource is much higher.the expert explained.

A non-generator starts better in cold weather, easier to maintain and repair. A diesel power plant has a longer resource and shows lower fuel consumption than a gasoline one.

It should be borne in mind that the diesel model is much heavier in weight and more difficult to start at low temperatures. Therefore, it requires installation in a country house in a specially equipped and heated room.

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How to calculate the power of a generator for a summer residence

After determining the list of all devices, it is recommended to put their power consumption on a separate piece of paper. It is indicated on a special plate on the housing of household appliances along with other technical characteristics.

At rated power, the generator operates for a long time. The maximum load significantly reduces the performance of the device. Therefore, the power factor must be taken into account when choosing a model for giving.

“Let’s say we need to connect a generator, a refrigerator, a TV, a microphone, a microwave and 5 light bulbs. Do not forget to take into account that some devices create an increased load during switching on. The total power of all devices, taking into account the starting currents, will be slightly more than 4000 watts. Let’s add 20% of the power reserve to them, for a total of 5220 watts. So we need a 5500W generator.»said the expert.

The generator should not work «back to back» in relation to the total power of all household appliances in the country. The power plant must be «loaded» by 80% of its rated capacity.

Which generator to buy — single-phase or three-phase

If the lights were turned off at the dacha and you need to power the consumer at 380 W, then you need a three-phase generator. As a rule, standard household equipment is single-phase. He needs a single-phase generator. Experts advise paying attention to the winding of the starter and the generator rotor.

“It is better if it is copper, not aluminum. Then the device will overheat less «the expert summed up.

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