What is the best soap to wash with?


Let’s finally figure out how baby soap differs from laundry soap, and how shower gel differs from intimate hygiene gel.

What is soap made from?

Regular bar soap is C17H35COONa. We decipher: to obtain soap, it is necessary that the saponification process starts. Any fats are suitable for this — animal, vegetable, based on petroleum products and others. In special containers (digesters), heated fats are saponified with caustic alkali. After that, the soap can be considered usable. To give uniqueness, the finished product may contain fragrances and flavors.

For the production of handmade soap, a special soap base is used, which is sold in specialized stores. To obtain the most solid soap, which is effective even in sea water, the content of vegetable fats in it can be increased up to 90%.

What is soap?

1. Hygienic (antibacterial);
2. Cosmetic soap;
3. Perfumed soap;
4. Natural soap;
5. Exfoliating soap;
6. Liquid soap;
7. Specialized soap.

What soap is suitable for washing?

Almost any soap is suitable for washing. But, as with everything related to women’s health, it also has its own nuances. For example, it is better to avoid using antibacterial soap for intimate hygiene. You have probably noticed that after washing your hands with such soap, they become dry, and the skin begins to creak from cleanliness. Now imagine that it starts to creak THERE. Little pleasant.

Soaps with antibacterial properties have migrated to our bathrooms from surgical rooms. Its main task is to destroy the maximum number of bacteria that live on the surface of the skin. However, this is precisely what does not allow antibacterial, household, bacterial, tar soaps to be called suitable for caring for the intimate area. By the way, baby soap is close in its properties to all of the above, so it’s better to wash them only with your hands. Please note that washing and processing should take place outside — the area of ​​the labia majora and the area between the labia majora and minor. This means that no funds should enter the vagina.

Special cleansers:

The closest relatives of solid and liquid soaps are special products for intimate hygiene. In soap, the environment is alkaline, as opposed to acidic inside the female body. Therefore, for intimate care, it is desirable to use pH-neutral hygiene products. The intimate zone is the most delicate zone with its own pH balance and microflora. Common products — soap or shower gel — can provoke the appearance of unpleasant sensations, such as dryness and itching. In addition, the pH of the soap is not suitable for intimate hygiene, because. it is far above what is needed for women’s health and comfort. It is better to choose special intimate hygiene products, where both the pH is optimal, and lactic acid, as in «Lactomed», is present.


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