What associations come to mind when talking about the basilica?


For us it is: beautiful, fragrant and tasty, and most importantly — healthy!

Even in the days of Ancient Rus’, basil was commonly called the royal herb. Basil was widely used by folk healers to cure patients from various ailments.

The plant contains a lot of water, carbohydrates, ash, fiber, fats in the amount of 0.6 grams per 100 grams of greenery. The basil contains a large amount of B vitamins, greens contain vitamins of the PP, K and E groups in a smaller amount.

Characteristics of the Gigolo variety:
Late-ripening (from full shoots to harvesting for greenery — 47-51 days, to flowering — 65-72 days).
Rosette, 31-42 cm high, 29-31 cm in diameter with 3-5 flowering stems, semi-raised.
The mass of one plant when harvested for greenery is 140-160 g.

Leaves, average length 3.3 cm, average width 2.5 cm, purple, without pubescence, ovate with a smooth surface, smooth edge, slight wavy. Inflorescences, 15-19 cm long, directed upwards, pink flowers.⠀

Clove-pepper aroma.

Productivity is 1-1.1 kg/m2.


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