Towards cleanliness: how to defeat germs, dirt and stains


The whole world has learned to wash its hands, but it is still far from a real victory over dirt. How much around you needs cleaning? Laptop and phone, chargers, furniture, clothing, toys, home furnishings, car interiors, shoes, bags… It’s impossible to choose the perfect cleaner for everything! Or perhaps? NanoClean is designed specifically for this — it will clean everything. And from everything.

NanoClean — a universal cleaner that copes with pollution of any complexity on all surfaces.

clean shoes

NanoClean will easily cope with even the most difficult pollution. Just choose a brush according to the stiffness, depending on the material, you can also use a microfiber cloth — it is suitable for any materials. Your old sneakers will take on a new life. The product can be used without water, just spray the product on the contaminated area and wipe it with a napkin. You do not need to apply the product immediately to the entire surface, it will be less effective. Spot the product on the dirt and wipe, repeat until the shoes look perfect.

Clean clothes

Stains on clothes appear instantly, and dealing with them is not always easy. Firstly, there is often no time to wash clothes — if you put a stain on your clothes during the working day, you just need to put the clothes in order. Secondly, frequent washes do not benefit even the highest quality clothes. If you have a stain, apply the product to the stained area, wait 5-10 seconds for the product to be absorbed and remove the dirt with a microfiber cloth. You will reduce the number of washes by at least 40%!

Clean bags and backpacks

A bag or backpack accompanies us throughout the day — street, transport, office, shops. And wherever you go, it can be dirty everywhere. How many times have you noticed how splashes appear on the bag, and the handle needs to be washed? But washing a bag or backpack is often impossible. Washing or drying can ruin the fabric and shape, and this procedure takes quite a while … Use the NanoClean universal cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Suitable for all surfaces and materials — just a few clicks on the dispenser, 10 seconds and you can remove the dirt with a napkin. You can easily remove stains even from the dirtiest backpack with which the children decided to play football — replace the napkin with a brush and rub a little, and for especially difficult dirt, wet the brush. When NanoClean comes into contact with a brush and water, foam is formed, which enhances the action of the cleaner.

House cleanliness

A clean home is a comfortable home. NanoClean is your indispensable assistant, without the smell of bleach or aggressive chemicals. Apply it to any dirt, and after a few seconds, the dirt can be removed with a napkin. Is the pollution too strong? Leave the product on for a few more seconds, and then work hard with the brush. Household appliances, countertops, window sills, mirrors, tiles, upholstered furniture — you can clean anything with one tool.

Cleanliness in the car

The interior of the car requires care — there is street dirt, and fast food, and specific pollution. NanoClean will help remove stains on any surface. Let a clean salon become your good habit. Use microfiber cloths to avoid damaging surfaces.

Cleanliness around the child

Need something to get dirty? Give it to the kid, he will cope with the task. There are so many interesting things around! I want to draw, color, taste a variety of toys and objects, and how many interesting things can be done with my mother’s cosmetic bag! And the sofa will become much more beautiful if you draw flowers on it. And the door. And… what else do we have there? A child learns the world through interaction, and sometimes this leads to unwanted marks, whether it’s a felt-tip pen on the lid of a laptop or mom’s lipstick carefully smeared on the sofa. Not the worst pollution, it would seem, but when there is a baby in the house, you can not use aggressive chemicals. Therefore, children’s toys, clothes, shoes, strollers and traces of creativity on furniture and interior items are best removed using NanoClean — it is absolutely environmentally friendly and completely safe for the child, and the surfaces treated with it do not contain residual chemical compounds.

Cleanliness wherever you need it

Wherever you are, stay true to yourself. Keep cleanliness around you, let it become your creed.

Some tips for dealing with dirt

  1. Dirt cannot simply disappear or dissolve. NanoClean does not contain solvents, its job is to separate dirt molecules from the surface being cleaned at the nanoparticle level. Remove dirt after the product starts working.
  2. Wipe the stain from the edges to the middle. If you rub the stain in different directions, you will only smear it. Yes, it will become lighter, but it will not disappear.
  3. Always check in an inconspicuous area how this or that material behaves when interacting with the cleaner. If the material is poorly painted, then the paint molecules may begin to rub off along with the dirt.
  4. Use brushes and microfiber cloths. NanoClean can do a lot, but it needs help — use the brush to pick up all the dirt.
  5. If you are faced with a difficult stain on a delicate fabric, you can always ask a specialist a question — we have cleaned everything we can and are ready to share our NanoClean experience with everyone.

NanoClean is always with you

An incident can happen to anyone: they spilled coffee, got dirty with food, there was a trace of an animal, a car splashed. NanoClean mini is an indispensable assistant, compact and convenient, which will save you from any pollution.

Don’t let a stain ruin a business meeting, a romantic date, or just a good mood.


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