Tiara for the bride: current trends


Wedding hairstyle is an important part of the image of the bride. It can be complemented with stylish accessories, a veil.

Stylists recommend paying attention to fashionable wedding trends 2021 and following them. Today, light hairstyles are in trend, without obvious curls, petals and complex weaves. Large crowns and diadems have lost their relevance. A veil with lace, rhinestones and sequins is considered an outdated option.

Hairpins with beads

Hairpins are one of the trendiest wedding hair accessories. Stylists recommend choosing products at the end of which there are large beads of white, silver or gold. They perform only a decorative function in the hairstyle. Hair is held in place by invisibility. Hairpins are suitable for fashionable bunches, «shells». They can also decorate a stylish hairstyle for medium or long hair with a braid.

Scallop with flowers

The most popular wedding hair accessory is the comb. It can be with flowers, in the form of a branch with stones. Such an accessory is attached to the center or side of the hairstyle.


Hairpins for the bride are another fashion accessory that is popular this season. Hairdressers and stylists decorate with hairpins mainly hairstyles with fluffy hair. They are suitable for girls who have short hair or medium length hair. Hairpins and invisible in the wedding style (with stones, pearls, beads) are attached to the side of the parting or at the back near the “bun”, “tail”.


Handmade bridal hair jewelry is now more relevant than ever. These are delicate branches that are attached to the center of the hairstyle or woven directly into the braid. With them, you get an original and stylish image that you want to consider, because from every angle the hairstyle plays with new colors.

metallic thread

A wedding look can be diversified by adding a hairstyle with such a fashionable hair accessory as a metal thread. It can be with stars, flowers, beads, chains. The thread is harmoniously combined with delicate satin dresses, suitable for outfits in the style of «fish» and «princess». It is also a good decoration for a delicate dress in a minimalist or lingerie style.


The crown and tiara are unfashionable bridal jewelry and should be remembered. The smaller the hair accessory, the better. Gone are the days when the bride had to be a real queen of the evening with dark eye makeup and a huge immense dress. Today, such traditions have been preserved exclusively in the East. In our country, tender images of brides are considered relevant. Instead of a crown and tiara, stylists recommend wearing a headband for a wedding. It can be white or metallic with small flowers made of stones and beads.

The image of the bride should be complete and harmonious. A bridal headpiece is usually chosen to match the dress. It is believed that hairpins, a scallop, a diadem or a headband should repeat the decor present on it.


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