How to stop eating stress?


This is a difficult emotional time for many. Stress, fear for the present and future. Uncertainty and uncertainty. Plus the inevitable beriberi, which almost every resident of Russia faces. Everyone deals with stress the best way they can. Someone goes headlong into work to the detriment of health, someone trains as if they are going to win at the next summer Olympics. Someone, unfortunately, goes into depression and denial, eating stress. Harmful fast carbohydrates instantly raise blood sugar levels and give a false sense of joy. For a short time, because soon the body will require a new larger portion of sweet, too salty, fatty and so delicious. It turns out a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out. And soon a person discovers an increase on the scales that no one planned. The state of health is deteriorating, the quality of the body is not satisfactory, health has deteriorated. And a new portion of stress, which was already present in the background, becomes even greater. And then again the entrance is chocolates, chips and other joys of life. After all, what else to lose, and so + 10 kg, and in the world there is uncertainty!

This is such a vicious circle from which you can get out. Of course, you can’t scold yourself and punish yourself for your love of fast carbohydrates. We are people, and we have weaknesses and joys that we cannot deprive ourselves of. But you can agree with yourself. And instead of a chocolate bar, the composition of which in small print does not fit on the page. With all sorts of E-additives and palm oils, try to treat yourself to natural chocolate. Tasty and healthy. whose composition is clear. At first, the taste may not seem as bright as in five-chocolate chocolate. After all, the body needs to remember and accept the natural and pure taste. Therefore, at first you need to accustom yourself a little bit to eat healthy and natural.


  • leads an active lifestyle
  • traveling and hiking with children
  • stick to a healthy diet
  • values ​​his time

The peculiarity of the production is that we DO NOT FRY, but DRY vegetables/fruits at t = 40°С. This allows us to completely abandon preservatives, while maintaining the taste and quality of our products.

Initially, our brand was developed for children, so that everyone’s favorite sweets were tasty and natural. We carefully thought over the recipe and selected a careful production technology in order to preserve all the benefits of berries and fruits.

For those who cannot live life without sweets. And against the backdrop of what is happening in the world and an acute shortage of vitamins after the winter, I began to need it even more. We would like to present a very tasty and healthy Chocolate from the store of natural snacks «Live Snacks». This is an organic product, it can be safely used by PP supporters, children, and vegetarians. Chocolate contains no dairy traces, it is free of gluten and preservatives. The taste is incredibly intense. Cocoa and coconut flakes together create a lovely crunch and texture. The smell is incredibly gentle, it smells like real coconut and chocolate. This is a light snack that will give a powerful boost of energy. By using chocolate in your diet on an ongoing basis, you will notice vivacity and a burst of energy. Main advantages: — Chocolate is made without added sugar, sweeteners and sweeteners. You can switch to proper nutrition gradually, with love and care for yourself and your body. Stress and depression happen to every person, the main thing is with what consequences he will overcome them. Live Snacks invites you not to give up sweets, but rather to please yourself more often with delicious chocolate. After all, tea with such chocolate will not harm your health and figure. On the contrary, it will cheer you up, remove the degree of tension and fear in the body. Loving yourself can be hard, but once you start, you can’t stop when you see the result!


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