How to obey the laws of physics.


Physics is amazingly precise in defining its principles. One of the fundamental tenets of physics is the law of conservation of energy. It says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But it can be converted from one form to another.

It is according to this scheme that the inverter generator Denzel GT-2200iSE is arranged.

It converts the energy of combustion of gasoline inside the internal combustion engine into electrical energy.

How is an inverter generator different from a classic generator?

The first, and perhaps the main difference is the quality of the current.
The voltage sine wave of a classical generator has deviations from the ideal shape. Step voltage is suitable for lighting, heaters, electric motors. But such a current will be detrimental to highly sensitive equipment.

In a classic generator, engine operation is influenced by factors such as:

Type and nature of the load
Fuel quality
Working conditions

The engine of a classic generator always runs at approximately 3000 rpm, and this, in comparison with the inverter, increases wear and fuel consumption, and in addition makes the device more noisy.

The inverter generator, in turn, produces alternating current, which goes through some transformations — first to direct current, then passes through a filter and is inverted back. This way of working allows the electrical signal to achieve high frequency and voltage accuracy.

The sine wave of the inverter generator has a smooth, regular shape and no steps. Pure current is safe for computers, control units, modern household appliances, heating boilers and sensitive professional equipment.

Among other things, the inverter generator has smaller dimensions and weight. This greatly simplifies the movement and storage of the device. Plus, the Denzel comes with a retractable handle and wheels so you can roll it around like your favorite travel bag.

Electronic control contributes to a reduction in speed when operating with a light load, which means it saves fuel, reduces noise and engine wear.

Why do you need an inverter generator?

The main task of all generators is to give a person an electric current. It can be used in different ways, for example:

The device can be taken with you on a trip so that your campground by the lake is equipped with a source of electricity.
The power plant is often used as a backup power source in country houses. If you have power outages in your country house, then an inverter generator will be a useful purchase.
Well, if you, for example, shoot a movie far from settlements, or carry out various kinds of work in a forest or garage, where there is also no electricity, then film equipment, like working equipment, needs to be recharged. The GT-2200iSE will help with this too.

In your hands is a complex device, one of the most significant creations of engineering thought for mankind. Choose and use it wisely.


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