How to make friends with a pond on vacation?


Are you going on vacation by the sea? Or in the hot summer season, rush to the river on the weekend? Or maybe you just want to go to the pool / water park / thermal baths? But you are not a good swimmer, and besides, you are afraid of water?

How to be?

Of course, you need to let your mind understand that it can be calm in the water. A safe way to explore the water is to swim with an inflatable ring. In this case, you are in the reservoir completely, without touching the bottom with your feet. So you can live through the «fear of the depths», and feel more confident. After you get comfortable in the water, it’s time to learn how to swim. In this case, the circle can be an excellent «safety element». You can hold it with your hands and train your legs for it. And if you are tired — put it on again and relax. And bright juicy colors and shapes of circles will help create a positive mood! Circle «juicy watermelon» symbolizes summer, sun, delicious emotions! And the circle «pink flamingo» can become the most favorite and fashionable item on vacation! Our circles are suitable for teenagers and adults. Go to our store and get your reliable companion for the whole summer at a very attractive price!


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