How to make December even more magical


The most atmospheric month of the year has begun: time to watch The Grinch and A Christmas Carol, decorate the house with a sparkling fir tree and buy gifts for friends and family. Sounds magical enough, but adding an extra dose of magic never hurts!

It’s nice to receive gifts. And how nice it is to give them, right? First, a plan is born, then we go to the store or order the right thing, and after delivery we see a long-awaited smile and hear laughter that fills the soul with warmth.

And the more thoughtful the gift was, the greater the response we will receive. After all, when you carefully select and lay an additional idea, you feel it right away.

How to make a gift that will be remembered?

The jewelry brand “Happiness” will come to the rescue — these are modern silver talismans with meaning: raking spoons, coins, brooches, pins and other unique symbols.

Wonderful gifts for the joy of your loved ones: author’s design, rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver, swarovski cubic zirkonia. Branded gift packaging and a unique plastic card, which describes the meaning of the product and its use.

What do the talismans symbolize?

A silver coin is an original talisman for wealth and success, which has miraculous power. The coin is a symbol of harmony, space, time and energy.

A silver spoon is one of the oldest amulets used to attract good luck and money. A few centuries ago, everyone carried such a spoon with them as a symbol of abundance and a rich table.

A brooch-pin is a talisman that people have been using as a talisman since the times of ancient Rome and Greece. Then, instead of metal, animal bones and plant thorns were used, but the purpose was the same as now — to protect from the evil eye and damage. Well, along with this, decorate the appearance of the owner.

A money horseshoe is a symbol that brings prosperity to the house. Not everyone can afford to hang a large horseshoe over the door; instead, we advise you to carry a small amulet with you or keep it at home to attract good luck.

Talisman «Career Ladder» is a modern amulet that will help in finding a dream job. The amulet promotes mutual understanding with colleagues and superiors, success in work and maintaining motivation.

«Happiness. Minerals» — a collection of gifts from natural minerals. The kit includes: branded packaging and a booklet with a description.

Natural stones store the energy of nature, each of them has special properties, each is unique.

What are the stones talking about?

Green aventurine is a stone of good luck, luck and adventures. One of the best love talismans, it pushes a person to impulsive and bold actions. Travelers are especially fond of aventurine, because this mineral gives the owner resourcefulness and good luck. Field of green aventurines «Happiness» — Zimbabwe.

Rose quartz is a symbol of tender love and a talisman for people of art. Quartz heals the soul and body, uplifts the mood and helps to look at the world in a new way. The stone helps to discover talents in oneself, develop an existing gift and gain recognition. Deposit — Brazil.

Sodalite is a rare stone that cultivates intuition, prudence and prudence. The gem favors and patronizes purposeful individuals, helping to focus and follow, without turning off, the intended path. Deposits — South Africa, Asia, or North America.

Use cases:

— take it to a jeweler who will turn it into a solid piece of jewelry. The stone is tumbled, and this is the finishing of natural stones for creating jewelry;

— start collecting a collection (or replenish an existing one);

— give a loved one a stone that is suitable energetically.

Gifts with meaning always win, give your loved ones a holiday and Happiness!


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