How to consume fewer calories without denying yourself a dessert?


We get asked a lot of questions about our products and in this review we will tell you about RED chocolate, which helps millions of people around the world consume fewer calories while still indulging in dessert. Sit back and read our review.

RED — dark chocolate with orange and almonds, sugar-free, 50% fewer calories, 100g This is an exquisite dark chocolate with slices of Mediterranean orange and Californian almonds. Bright rich taste for connoisseurs of dark chocolate.

The key feature of chocolate is that it has no added sugar, instead of sugar, sweeteners obtained from fruits and plants: erythritol and polydextrose.

Erythritol is recognized worldwide as a safe, zero calorie sweetener. Its action is similar to fiber, which is practically not absorbed in the digestive tract. At the same time, erythritol gives the same sweetness as ordinary sugar. The taste is there — no calories! In nature, this sugar substitute is found mainly in melons, which is why it is also called «melon sugar».

Polydextrose is a rich source of dietary fiber with a beneficial effect on digestion. It, like the rest of the ingredients in our chocolate, is made from natural products and makes it possible to reduce the amount of fat consumed. Absolutely safe and approved in Europe.

Polydextrose and erythritol are not sugars, which is why we say RED contains no added sugar. However, in the calorie table, you can see the line «sugar» — 1.7 g. This is nothing more than natural sugar, which contains cocoa.

Below are all the features of our chocolate:

Fewer Calories: Up to -50% fewer calories than comparable chocolates from other brands.

Delicious: selected cocoa from Côte d’Ivoire, crunchy pieces of almonds and orange zest and a special recipe that make the taste of RED chocolate so appreciated by consumers.

A great choice for a healthy lifestyle and pp: no added sugar, fewer calories and carbohydrates, palm oil free, gluten free, suitable for a keto diet.

Guilt-free Cheat Meal: With only 16 calories per slice of RED chocolate — like one slice of an apple, it’s sweet but sugar-free — perfect for a cheat meal.

Made in Europe: RED chocolate is made by the Swiss company Chocolette Confectionary at its new factory in Latvia. The quality of chocolate is guaranteed by the BRC certificate recognized in 30 countries of the world.

Beautiful: the aesthetics of each piece in a unique diamond shape.

We hope it was informative. Pay attention to the rest of the products of the RED delight brand.


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