How to choose the right soccer ball.


How to choose a soccer ball

Among all the variety of balls on the sports market, it is very difficult to find the one that is right for you. In this article, we will help you figure out what to look for when choosing a soccer ball.

Game level

If you just want to kick the ball on the weekend, you probably don’t need the one that Cristiano Ronaldo plays. You are an amateur, and an amateur ball is the best choice for you. It is inexpensive, but durable enough to please you for a long time.

For actively training players and teams, the requirements for the ball are more stringent. The ball is used frequently, it must be strong, hold its shape well and be predictable in flight. Therefore, the choice for training is a training ball.

Professional (match)
Professional athletes choose professional grade balls. As a rule, materials of the highest level are used in such balls and all the best technological developments are collected in them. The price of such a ball is high, but the requirements are the most stringent. A ball that has passed a number of special tests receives the appropriate IMS, FIFA Quality or FIFA Quality Pro certificate.

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Beware of fakes and do not save on health.

A high-quality soccer ball is the key to a productive game.


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