How to care for BIBS pacifiers?


How to care for BIBS pacifiers?

Scald each BIBS pacifier with boiling water before use. Dip the pacifier in boiling water, then take it out and leave to dry and cool. If water gets inside, don’t worry. Each BIBS pacifier has special ventilation holes: when sucking, the pacifier shrinks and takes the shape of the baby’s mouth. That is why every pacifier is orthodontically safe. Therefore, after washing, a little water may flow into the pacifier. Just press the latex part a few times and place the pacifier over the ring and let it dry — all the moisture will evaporate! In any case, remember to refrigerate pacifiers before giving them to your baby.

Do not wash pacifiers in the dishwasher or dishwashing detergents. Sterilization in the microwave and boiling is also not recommended, it is possible to change the shape and color of the latex.

Doctors recommend using pacifiers for 4-6 weeks for hygiene reasons. If the pacifier has changed color or the latex has become uneven during use, we recommend that you do not use the pacifier again. Since the nipples are made of natural rubber, they may deform (increase in size) during use. If this happens, change the pacifier.

One of the most common stories is when, after prolonged use, the pacifier changes shape (the nipple of the pacifier increases) — such a pacifier is not recommended. Latex is a natural material and changes shape from intense absorption. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and change the pacifiers within the specified time.


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