How to beat dry hair permanently?


Hello everyone, my name is Alla, I am a distributor and seller of professional Canadian hair care products under the Lonstin brand on Wildberries.

In this article, I wanted to tell you, dear readers, my little story about how I saved my hair from various problems with high-quality natural products, and then decided to sell them in Russia and help other girls make their dream hair.

I have thin, wavy hair, which is also terribly frizzy. For several years I wore a bob haircut and straightened strands every morning. But one day I got so fed up with hair dryers and flat irons that I decided to grow my hair out again.

I don’t dye my hair, I’m not zealous with styling products, I regularly make masks and use oils. For the time being, the growing process went perfectly, I even survived the winter without the usual problems in the form of dryness. But in the spring, the hair began to behave strangely. After a shower, they resembled a tangled bundle of wet wire — brittle, hard, and after laying dry as straw.

In many ways, I blame Moscow tap water: when I come to any other country, everything immediately becomes good. Even without a mask and conditioner, the strands fit in beautiful waves. It was obvious to me that they were alive and well and there was no need to go to get a haircut again. You just need to find the right care.

I started trying different products for dry and curly hair, for split ends. Tried not to use a hair dryer. In the heat, I wore a hat so that the sun’s rays did not dry my hair. Nothing helped. The shelf was full of dozens of tubes and jars from the masmarket, and there was no result until my friend Angelina brought me a gift set of professional hair cosmetics from Canada, there was shampoo, conditioner, mask and hair oil.

After the FIRST use of all the above products and procedures with them, which is very surprising, I felt a noticeable softening result, after a month of use I completely forgot what brittleness, dryness, dullness, weakness, split ends, hair loss and other problems are. My hair became perfect, which I wanted, it gave me confidence in myself and my beauty.

I tried to understand what the trick is? Why are other different means (including expensive brands) not always and not all can give such an effect? The answer turned out to be simple, after reading a couple of dozen formulations — I found that Canadian Lonstin products use Moroccan Argan oil, it was not in any of the mass market products, and later it is clear why, because it is very expensive and difficult to obtain.

I started to study the beneficial properties of Argan oil (I won’t list them, there are a lot of them, you can read it on Google if you’re interested), how to distinguish it from fakes, and then I got the idea to bring this Lonstin hair care line to Russia and start selling on marketplaces . It was not so easy to get to the manufacturing plant, the minimum batch was also not quite within my budget, but two months later, the first shipment appeared on the marketplace and became available for order.

At the beginning, there were few sales, since the brand was new, and did not inspire confidence, but every day there were more and more sales, and along with the dynamics of sales, customer reviews began to come in, words of gratitude from them — they gave me confidence in my business, motivation and I realized that people like the Lonstin brand, it gives quality, it helps them fight their problematic hair, heals and restores them, that I bring benefits to people and help them get the hair of their dreams. This was confirmed by a large percentage of repeat orders from our customers.

Now my team and I are working to increase the range so that all the various products of this Lonstin line are available and always in the composition with Argan oil.
Already available for order: shampoo, conditioner and hair oil, shower gel and most importantly real Moroccan argan hair oil.


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