What is a home theater and why is it needed?


A home theater is a set of necessary equipment that will help you comfortably immerse yourself in watching movies without leaving your home. Many would like to buy such a device so that they can get together with a fun company or family and enjoy watching their favorite movies with a plate of popcorn. But not everyone knows how to equip a cinema at home, what is needed for this and why it is needed at all. Let’s try to deal with this difficult task.

Where to begin?

The choice of a suitable room should be decided in advance. Its size will directly depend on which companies you are going to gather to spend time watching your favorite films. It is advisable to choose a room without windows so that bright sunlight cannot interfere with comfortable viewing.

The next and most important thing will be what equipment you will acquire. There are many different techniques on the market that will help you create an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.

The main elements of a home theater are:

  • projector or TV;
  • screen (it is needed if you use a projector);
  • acoustic system;
  • video playback device (computer, Blu-ray player, multimedia station, etc.)

home theater

Video Output Tools


The most suitable solution for a home theater would be to use a projector. Thanks to him, you can display an image of very large sizes. Modern projectors have different characteristics and feature sets, so choosing such equipment for your home is quite difficult. They can be equipped with different matrix resolutions, these parameters reach up to 4K resolution.

The higher the resolution of the output image, the higher its quality — such an obvious pattern.

The most common types of matrix used in these devices are LCD and DLP matrices. The first is cheaper technology. The image transmitted with its help is of low quality. The second technology is more expensive and complex. The advantage is that the output image is of better quality. Do not forget the 3D technologies that are present in most of these devices, they will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the film.

The projectors are installed various lamps. You should pay attention to what their power, contrast and resource. Modern devices are equipped with many different connectors and wireless interfaces, which will help you connect all kinds of equipment to them.



In the case of a TV, the main players are LCD and OLED panels. LCD TV is notable for its affordability, but at the same time it has some disadvantages:

  • poor contrast;
  • not the best color reproduction;
  • great response time.

These shortcomings in modern TV are minimized, but still noticeable. OLED is more expensive technology. Displays made with its use are distinguished by high brightness and contrast, high response speed, and high viewing angles. On top of all this, OLED panels can be bent, resulting in concave TVs. Both technologies can be equipped with 3D support.

Modern TVs usually have a built-in operating system. It allows you to install various applications and games.



In the event that you decide to equip your home theater with a projector, then to get a high-quality picture, you need to choose a special screen. The output information will be projected onto it. Screens vary in size and design. There are roll and tension (mounted on a stationary or mobile frame) devices. The main advantage of rolls is that they can be folded and unfolded. More expensive models are equipped with an electric mechanism that helps to turn the screen up and down, there are varieties with a remote control.

Screen for projector

Acoustics for total immersion

For an even more comfortable immersion in the atmosphere of the film, despite the 3D, picture quality and screen size, you need the right and good sound system. There is a wide choice of this equipment for a home theater. There are options with multiple columns. The most popular and more suitable option — it’s 5.1, where 5 is the number of speakers and 1 is the subwoofer. Thanks to this, you can distribute the speakers in the corners of the entire room, which will help create surround sound. To connect the speakers to each other, wires or wireless interfaces are used. The best option would be to use acoustics with a wireless interface to connect speakers. Thanks to this, you will get rid of wires!

Speakers 5.1

For an overview of LG’s amazing home theater speakers, see

Playback devices

Various equipment can be used as video playback devices. Due to the fact that modern projectors and TVs are equipped with various wireless interfaces, the image can be transferred to them simply by connecting a tablet or smartphone. Some prefer to use a personal computer or laptop for this purpose, this is the most versatile solution, while others like using a Blu-ray player. In this case, it all depends on your preferences.

Anyone can create their own cinema

Now there are many devices on the market that are perfect for home theater, regardless of its size and other parameters. Anyone can choose the most suitable equipment for themselves, based on their preferences and financial capabilities. Thanks to the home theater and the right equipment, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite movies.

Blu-ray player


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