RMCL-402 air cleaner overview


Climate equipment for the home is represented by different types of devices, each of which has certain benefits. However, buying individual devices is inconvenient and expensive, and it’s not very logical to force the whole apartment with climate control equipment, however, just like choosing one among different functions. In this situation, the RMCL-402 air washer, which combines 5 functions at once, can be a good option.


  • Power: 90W;
  • Room area: up to 100 sq. m.;
  • Productivity: 1300 cu. m/hour;
  • Humidification intensity: 1.2 ml/hour;
  • Water tank volume: 10 liters;
  • Air flow rate: 12 m/s;
  • Produced noise: up to 57 dB;
  • Number of speeds: 5
  • Operating modes: breeze, basic, night;
  • Functions: humidification, air washing, ventilation, evaporative cooling, ionization;
  • Management: touch, remote control;
  • Dimensions: 270 × 325 × 1063 mm;
  • Weight: 7.8 kg.


The RMCL-402 is an air washer with a range of additional functions including humidification, ventilation, evaporative cooling and ionization.

The design of the model is rather unusual. It includes three main elements: a fan, a moisturizing element (EcoGreen Aquafilter) and a pump.
The pump in such devices is extremely rare. In this case, it and two powerful fans significantly improve operation and performance, allowing you to use the sink in large spaces up to 100 square meters. meters.

The washing machine itself is quite simple. In the lower part there is a water tank with a removable pump installed in it. The humidifying element, also known as the aquafilter, is located in the front part, it provides moist air purification. In front of it, already at the exit, there is a coarse filter that eliminates allergens, dust microparticles, hair, wool and other pollutants.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the RMCL-402 washer is as follows:

  1. The pump pumps air from the bottom of the device up.
  2. From above, through special nozzles, water enters the EcoGreen aquafilter, carrying out its uniform wetting.
  3. Two fans pump air through the device, where it first passes through the aquafilter. Here it is moisturized and at the same time cleansed. After that, the air passes through a coarse filter, which traps the remaining pollutants.
  4. Water that has passed through the filter and absorbed dust and debris re-enters the tank, so it needs to be removed and washed periodically.

If we talk about the additional functions of the climate complex, then they include ventilation, humidification, cooling and ionization.

Regarding ventilation, it is enough to turn off the wetting of the aquafilter, after which the air will simply be distilled around the room through the RMCL-402 sink, undergoing the same cleaning through filters, but without water.

Cooling should be understood as a natural process in which air, absorbing moisture, gives off heat and becomes a little colder, literally by a couple of degrees.

It is extremely important to understand that the RMCL-402 is not an alternative to a full-fledged air conditioner, since the primary function of this device is air washing, and cooling is only an accompanying option.

Control and operating modes

The RMCL-402 sink can be controlled using the touch panel on top of the case or using the remote control. It is important to know that they offer equal opportunities, so the advantages of the remote control over the sensor are only that it can be used from a distance. On the other hand, if the remote control is lost somewhere or the batteries run out, all settings can be made on the sink itself.

Regarding the operating modes, the device has three of them: basic, night and breeze. The first is simple blowing at the selected speed, the second implies quiet operation, but the breeze is the most interesting.

Its essence is that the sink independently regulates the number of fan revolutions and the direction of the curtains, so there is a feeling that a real sea breeze is blowing on the user with different intensity and sides. The mode itself is not new for such devices, but those who have had the opportunity to experience it for themselves like it very much. Therefore, its presence is a plus for this sink.

Regarding the curtains, it is important to note that they are electrically operated, so you cannot change their direction by hand. There is a corresponding mode for this. During operation, they can be at rest or move. To fix the desired direction, it is enough to wait until they turn accordingly and turn off the drive.

Another model provides 5 fan speeds, which makes it possible to choose the best option specifically for yourself.

Ease of use

To fill the water in the back of the sink from below, it is enough to turn the two holders, after which the tank can be easily removed. Its capacity is 10 liters, and the maximum intensity of humidification is 1.2 ml / h, that is, it will have to be filled every 8 hours. The peculiarity of the tank also lies in its simple cleaning: just take it out, disconnect the pump, which is done in a couple of steps, and rinse with water. There are no difficulties in this.

The second stage of using the device, or rather care, is cleaning the filters. Another advantage of RMCL-402 is that they do not need to be changed, but can be simply rinsed under water periodically. The coarse filter can be simply vacuumed at all. The frequency of these actions depends on individual indicators. You can determine the need for their cleaning visually — just look at the filter and decide whether it needs to be cleaned.

With regard to management, this was discussed above. It is convenient, intuitive, and also the same for the remote control and sensor.

General impressions

The RMCL-402 air washer is an excellent device in terms of performance, functionality and ease of use.

The device does an excellent job of cleaning the air, which was achieved due to the presence of two filters. No less effective is its operation in fan and humidification mode.

From the point of view of cooling, this option is more of an accompanying one and it cannot, and should not, seriously lower the temperature, since air washing is not an alternative to a split system, but a good addition to it.

Another plus of RMCL-402 is the ionization of the air, which improves its quality and gives the impression that the user is in a forest or coastal zone.
The climate complex also pleases with high performance. It can easily serve fairly large spaces, a capacious water tank will allow you not to worry about constantly replenishing it. In fact, if you use the device around the clock, then you need to do this three times a day.

A nice bonus is the ease of maintenance: the filters and the water tank are easy to remove and wash.

Pleased with the design of the model. It does not differ in excessive dimensions, has wheels for movement and looks stylish. Such a device will not spoil the interior of the apartment, but will harmoniously fit into it.


RMCL-402 is a stylish and comfortable air washer with high performance and extensive functionality. The model does an excellent job with the tasks assigned to it, and also does not require a lot of time from the owner and additional costs for its maintenance. At a cost of about 20 thousand rubles, it becomes an excellent option for buying a large apartment or house in order to improve the quality of the microclimate. The device is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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