Review of the Redkey W12 washing cordless vacuum cleaner — Rating of 2022


Cleaning an apartment is a laborious task, which becomes even more difficult without a vacuum cleaner. Classic devices have long been tired of their size, and therefore small robots or vertical models are becoming more and more popular among buyers. At the same time, the latter have a rather new subspecies with the function of wet cleaning. Today we will talk about the Redkey W12 vacuum cleaner, which can rightfully be called an excellent representative of the most modern vertical models with a floor washing function.


  • Device type: cordless washing vacuum cleaner.
  • Weight: 3.8 kg.
  • Battery capacity: 2600 mAh.
  • Battery life: 45 minutes.
  • Clean water tank: 520 ml.
  • Dust container: 460 ml.
  • Power: 150W.
  • Liquid cleaning: yes.
  • Self-cleaning: yes.
  • Noise level: 72 dB.
  • Dimensions: 325*700*310 mm.

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Appearance and equipment

The Redkey W12 vacuum cleaner comes in a white and blue box with a picture of the device and a list of key parameters.

Inside the user is waiting for a vacuum cleaner with an installed brush and containers for clean and dirty water, a removable handle, replaceable cleaning rollers, a base for charging and cleaning, a brush for cleaning the dust collector, a measuring cup, a power supply unit with a 1.8 meter cord.

The vacuum cleaner is made of plastic and combines black and white colors.

The extension handle is attached to the vacuum cleaner and has an L-shape, where there are three buttons on the holder: turning on the vacuum cleaner, activating the washing mode and self-cleaning, as well as a screen.

It displays the selected operating mode and battery charge. Along the perimeter, it glows blue when the battery is full and red when the charge has reached a critically low value.

The case itself is conditionally divided into two parts, where the top is a tank for clean liquid, and the bottom is a dust collector.

The nozzle with a brush does not detach from the body and is attached to it by means of a hinge, which allows you to change the angle of inclination from 20 to 80 degrees and deflect the brush to the sides by approximately 45 degrees. If you put the body in relation to the brush at an angle of 90 degrees, then the vacuum cleaner is in parking mode and can stand without resting against the wall, while it will automatically turn off.

The weight of the device falls on the back of the brush so that the vacuum cleaner can be placed vertically and not leaned against any surfaces. In the same part, there are two rubber rollers that ensure the movement of the vacuum cleaner on the floor. Thanks to the rubberized surface of the rollers, you can not be afraid that the floor will be scratched.

The brush of the vacuum cleaner is collapsible, a roller with microfiber-type material is installed inside, which provides washing the floor and collecting liquid. In addition, the brush provides a kind of removable scoop, where large debris enters. It is disassembled from above, that is, the vacuum cleaner can be in the parking position and at the same time you can conveniently disassemble the brush to clean it.

Vacuum cleaner at work

The model differs in good ergonomics and the thought-over design. All elements are conveniently placed in their places, the handle and weight distribution allow you to operate the vacuum cleaner with one hand. The buttons are clearly located under the fingers, and the display displays all the necessary information.

The principle of operation is quite simple. The water tank has two openings — top and bottom. Water is pumped into it from above, and from below it is fed through special holes to the brush. The pressure, which increases in the flask when air is supplied, displaces water, after which it begins to wet the brush through special nozzles. For the system to function, it is important not to exceed the permissible water level in the tank, which is served by a special mark on its body.

Next, a wet roller washes the floor, and water with debris is sucked through special holes into the dust collector, which consists of two parts. The first is the dust collector itself, the second is a removable part with a filter and a container overflow sensor. In total, the vacuum cleaner has two filters — in the container and preliminary. The first is made of non-woven material that is resistant to water, and the second resembles a hard washcloth.

In operation, the vacuum cleaner proved to be excellent. It is light, manoeuvrable, stands securely in parking mode. The design of the brush and the large slope of the body allow it to drive under different furniture, such as a wardrobe, beds and other interior items. According to the calculations, the batteries really last for 45 minutes, and charging takes about an hour and a half.

The cleaning process is accompanied by a female voice in English, he informs the need for charging, cleaning the container, and so on. The volume is not very high, but the assistant cannot be turned off.

The power of the vacuum cleaner is enough to collect debris and wipe off stubborn stains. If the device is not held, then after turning on the rotating brush pulls it forward, in addition, some resistance is felt due to the air flow that sucks the brush to the floor.

Since the model is washing, it is obviously designed for cleaning hard floors, but the fact that the water supply can be turned off allows you to clean soft floors as well. In general, the quality of cleaning leaves a positive impression and is not satisfactory.

The maintenance of the vacuum cleaner is carried out as follows: after cleaning, it is necessary to drain the dirty liquid and fill it with clean one, then the brush is cleaned at the base, after which the dirty water should be drained again and the dust collector should be washed manually. The manufacturer also recommends periodically cleaning the filters (preferably every 4-5 cleanings) and rinsing the wash roller yourself (every 3 cleanings).


Redkey W12 is an inexpensive vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor, dry and wet cleaning. It has good autonomy, convenient operation and a well-thought-out design that allows you to easily disassemble it for cleaning and assemble it back. The vacuum cleaner pleases with maneuverability, as well as a self-cleaning function. The only small drawback is the inability to turn off the voice assistant, which will be useless for people who do not speak English. Other than that, this is an excellent functionality model with a nice price.

You can buy a vacuum cleaner on Aliexpress with a promotional code for a discount RU1700 valid until October 31, 2022.


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