how to select and arrange its components?


All lovers of the world of cinema and music have already appreciated the benefits of buying their own personal cinema, which will fully meet their requirements for comfortable and high-quality viewing of their favorite content. To make the purchase of a home theater really budget, experts recommend purchasing all of its necessary components separately, given their performance, durability and strength of materials.

Home cinema in the interior

Choosing a place for the future cinema

The very first thing that will require attention is the choice of a place for your future home cinema, since it will occupy a large part of the area in the room. In addition to the correct placement of all components, it is required to take the appropriate seats for spectatorsso that viewing brings exceptional pleasure and is carried out in the most comfortable conditions for everyone.

Important rules to consider when arranging the site:

  1. All speakers of the device are best placed at approximately the same distance from each person in the room.
  2. People should not be placed directly against the wall so that the rear speakers (usually located above the head of the viewer) do not cause sound discomfort.
  3. The type of speakers is also important: standing on racks, on shelves or mounted on wall brackets. They should not be placed close to walls to avoid loss of bass reproduction;
  4. The subwoofer is best not placed on the floor.

After the place for all components of the home theater is chosen, it is possible to start selection of each separate component.

We select a TV

For an inexpensive version of the cinema, of course, the LCD type of TV screen is ideal. But the real pleasure you get from watching your favorite movie on plasma panel. Such TVs provide the clearest, most realistic and high-quality images, regardless of the viewing angle, therefore they are especially popular with buyers. The choice between plasma and LCD TV is more of a financial one. The diagonal sizes of these models are different and directly affect the final cost of the device.

If you decide to buy a plasma panel, choose its diagonal equal to at least 32 inches for convenient and comfortable viewing.

TV selection

Acoustics is the soul of any cinema

The high quality of the sound coming to the viewer will depend entirely on the choice of speaker system. Its main parameter is the correct selection of the indicator working capacity, completely dependent on the size of the room in which it will be located. Here is a table for calculating the power of acoustics, depending on the size of the selected area.

Room area / square meters Speaker Power/Watt
no more than 20 50 — 70
up to 30 100
over 30 150

It should be borne in mind that power can be peak and nominal. In order to see the indicator of maximum operating power, you should look at the peak.

The package of the acoustic system combines a remote type of speakers, as well as subwooferdesigned to reproduce low frequencies. This configuration is usually denoted by two numbers. The first of them is the number of speakers included in the kit, the second is the number of subwoofers added. An affordable home theater option, as a rule, is equipped with one subwoofer, but there are models with its complete absence, which will be an extremely unpleasant surprise for fans of percussive bass.

Concerning speakers, then they are divided into floor and shelf, selected taking into account the shape and area of ​​the room equipped for a cinema. For small-sized rooms (up to 12 square meters), shelf types of speakers are optimal, and for large ones it is recommended to install exclusively floor-standing ones.

A mandatory rule is the competent installation of the front speakers at the same height, providing for a turn towards the viewer. Their center channel should be located slightly below the screen, while the rear speakers are placed on the sides and behind all viewers.

Budget DVD player

Not a single type of home theater can do without this device, since it is entrusted with the function of directly playing the video itself. It is clear that budget models reproduce a small number of formats. We advise you to pay attention to support when buying range Mpeg – 2that performs the decoding of digital signals, as well as monitor the presence of audio codecsrequired for voice guidance. The cheap versions mainly use two sound support systems: Dolby Digital and DTS.

DVD player

Those who prefer to download videos from Internet resources should pay attention to the presence in the DVD player of their cinema of supported formats Xvid and DivXthat convert the received video content to the one that your device plays.

Equipping with a recorder function allows you to record video materials to a disk or to a built-in hard drive directly from a home TV.

presence in the player bluray format optical media makes it possible to view content in HD format, which is considered one of the highest quality in terms of density and realism of the images produced. And the presence of the karaoke function in the cinema will delight all lovers of singing with professional arrangement and high-quality musical accompaniment — you just need to connect the microphone correctly.


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