How to comb your daughter without tears


Every morning, your daughter gets up, makes her bed, takes a shower and brushes her teeth, routine routines that repeat day after day. But there is one of them that most girls do not like — combing their hair.

Combing hair and collecting it in a hairstyle is a whole problem. And here the morning whims “I don’t want”, “I won’t” begin … And the preparations for kindergarten or school are delayed, and now my mother begins to get annoyed. Familiar situation, right?

And so it was with us until I found an easy way to solve such a problem. Now I will share my life hack.

My daughter goes to kindergarten. We made a rule for ourselves — every evening we choose together an outfit that she will wear in the kindergarten the next day, and we select bows for it. That’s all! And morning combing became more pleasant.

There are very simple explanations here, why the selection of bows is very helpful in the morning preparations. Firstly, the girl herself makes a decision — this is very important for any child, she feels like an adult. Secondly, aesthetic taste and the ability to combine clothes and accessories are developing, hair bows are, perhaps, the first accessories that a girl encounters. Thirdly, any girl will be pleased to wear what she chose herself.

Choose beautiful bows, combine with outfits, and the morning will become more pleasant.


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