How to become a tattoo master? Where to begin?


Every day the popularity of tattoos in society is gaining momentum. Among the great variety of people who want to get stylish tattoos on their bodies, there are also those who want to fulfill themselves in this business as a tattoo master. Mastering the skill of a tattoo artist, in addition to the pleasure of doing what you love, will allow you to receive a consistently high income.

Even in provincial towns, a tattoo artist can earn from 50,000 rubles a month. And in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the level of his salary can increase many times over. Be from 100,000 rubles and above.

The main stages of becoming a tattoo artist:

  • The most important thing to start with is getting a quality education.
  • Buy high-quality tattoo machines and consumables for them, you can also order specialized kits for beginner tattoo artists.
  • To gain sufficient practical experience, or, more simply, to fill your hand in order to learn how to perfectly master the tattoo machine.
  • In parallel with the implementation of the above steps, you should urgently take care of creating your own unique tattoo style, which will become your kind of calling card.
  • You should always remember the golden rule of a real tattoo artist: no matter how good the artist is, he must continuously continue the creative process of his self-development and self-improvement. It doesn’t matter how much time you have spent on training or how long you have been in the profession of a tattoo artist — it is impossible to achieve perfection. There is always something to learn. We wish you creative success!


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