functionality and advantages of the climate complex


Clean air is the key to health and well-being. But in large settlements, the environment leaves much to be desired. It is quite possible to create your own ideal microclimate at home with the help of RemezAir RMCH-403. This climatic complex combines the functionality of 6 devices and offers comprehensive cleaning, humidification and air ionization.

Advantages of climatic complexes

The climate complex is a device designed to purify the air and humidify it. Modern high-quality models can fight dust, pollen, allergens, animal hair, carbon dioxide, bacteria, fungal spores and other airborne contaminants.

The use of climatic complexes is recommended for all families, but they are especially useful for allergy sufferers, the elderly and those who suffer from respiratory diseases. In addition, they really help fight the development of chronic diseases, as well as reduce the risk of ARVI and other infections.

The principle of operation of the climatic complex is quite simple: it draws in air and, passing it through a set of different filters, water, subjecting it to ultraviolet radiation, and also after ionization, releases it outside. The cleaning efficiency of high-quality models can reach almost 100%.

Among the advantages of climate complexes:

  • natural air cooling in the room;
  • effective air purification even from small particles of debris;
  • ionization;
  • moisturizing;
  • ease of use and installation;
  • small size, which makes it possible to install in any room.

Specifications RemezAir RMCH-403

  • humidification type: traditional;
  • cleaning area: 50 squares;
  • humidification area: 40 squares;
  • heating 750 / 1500 Wh;
  • noise level: 58-62 dB;
  • water flow: 600 ml/h;
  • productivity: 400 cubic meters / h;
  • control: touch on the body, remote control, remote via Wi-Fi;
  • filters: ionizer, HEPA, coal;
  • dimensions: 630x310x310 mm;
  • weight: 7.5 kg;
  • water tank: 8 liters;
  • energy consumption: 80-1580 W/h;

Complete set and functionality of RemezAir RMCH-403

We open the box.

The package includes:

  1. The device itself with a built-in EcoGreen aquafilter;
  2. Composite HEPA and carbon filter;
  3. Remote Control;
  4. Two ice packs;
  5. Spare stopper;
  6. Instruction manual and booklet describing the features of the device.

RemezAir RMCH-403 is a 6 in 1 device.

The model costs 25,990 rubles, which is an affordable price tag for this class of equipment and at the same time offers extensive functionality, convenient control and overall performance.

Model features include:

  • air purification 400 m3/h;
  • humidification 600 ml/h;
  • ionization;
  • space heating 750/1500 W/h;
  • evaporative cooling;
  • ventilation: 4 m/s, 400 m3/h;
  • Wi-Fi / Alice.

And as a bonus, the device has built-in wireless charging for your smartphone.

More on features below.


Purification is the main function of this technique.

In cleaning mode, the appliance will not humidify the air, as the filter HEPA + carbon not designed to work with water.

The cleaning work takes place in two stages:

  1. On the first composite HEPA fine filter eliminates fine dust, allergens, bacteria and other tiny debris. The filter class is high, so the level of catching the smallest particles reaches up to 99.99%.
  2. In the second stage, the air passes through carbon filterwhich is designed to eliminate unpleasant odors (including tobacco), gases, toxic substances and even volatile organic compounds.

In the photo there are two sides of one filter: on the right — Nera, on the left — coal

The performance of the device is 400 cubic meters per hour, which allows you to effectively clean the air in a room up to 50 square meters. All filters are recommended by the manufacturer to be changed every six months or a year.


The RemezAir RMCH-403 uses traditional humidification, which has a number of advantages.

  1. The device consumes less power.
  2. The intensity of humidification is self-adjusting, that is, the more humid the air, the less intensively the device works.
  3. This method implies additional air purification, since the principle of operation is based on the fact that it is blown through a cassette that is abundantly moistened with water.
  4. No white residue will remain on furniture and floor coverings.

In the humidification mode, only the aqua filter can be used in the device. EcoGreenit is designed to trap household allergens and coarse dust.

The capacity of the tank in the RemezAir RMCH-403 is 8 liters, so with a capacity of 600 ml / h of water, there will be enough for 14 hours of continuous operation. Most effectively, the device copes with the humidification of rooms up to 40 squares.

The compartment for filling water is located on the back of the device

There are 3 operating modes of the humidifier:

  • base;
  • breeze (characterized by increased intensity);
  • night (the quietest).

Water level scale


This mode is an option, it can be turned on and off as desired. With ionization, the air is saturated with particles with a negative charge, which «bind» dust molecules and help them settle, removing dust from the air.

The model provides 4800-5100 air ions per cubic cm, which makes the air similar to sea or forest air.


Heating is carried out according to the principle of a heat gun: air is blown through the heating element and exits into the room through special grilles on the body. The advantage is the ability to quickly heat the room, minus — with prolonged use, the air can be dry. The model has two heating modes — 750 and 1500 W.

In heating mode, the humidification/cooling function cannot be used.

In the heating and humidification mode, it is useful to turn on the slat rotation function. In this mode, the vertical slats rotate from side to side, spreading air to the sides by 80 degrees, which makes the operation of the climate complex more efficient.

Horizontal slats are manually adjusted


Air cooling in RemezAir RMCH-403 occurs naturally. The fan blows air through cold water, which helps to lower its temperature. To increase efficiency, two refrigerants can be placed in the water. They are included in the kit, you need to pour water into them and freeze them in the freezer.


RemezAir RMCH-403 can work as a fan, providing a blowing intensity of 400 sq.m at a speed of 4 m/s. Due to this, the air in the room does not stagnate, and the curtains (lamellas) with automatic change in the angle of rotation (the change is 80 degrees) provide an even distribution of air throughout the room.


The RemezAir RMCH-403 has a display and touch control on the body, which allows you to select the operating mode. Separately, you can use the remote control and the REMEZ smart smartphone app. The latter is the most convenient, as it allows you to create your own work scenarios, offers a larger set of functions and makes it possible to manage remotely.

In addition, RemezAir RMCH-403 can be integrated into the Yandex smart home system and controlled through Alice via voice commands.


RemezAir RMCH-403 pleases with ease of use: the wheels on the bottom will allow you to easily move it around the apartment, and several control methods make the setup process convenient. At the same time, there is control through Alice or from a smartphone, which will allow you to turn on any mode of operation in advance, and upon returning home, be in a healthy microclimate.

Efficiency, a large number of functions and three modes of operation will allow you to choose the best use case for each user. Washable filters and low noise level are a nice bonus. In addition, the effective performance characteristics of humidifying and purifying the instrument are very high. And all this in one compact case with dimensions of 31 cm x 31 cm x 63 cm.


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