Error f61 on Panasonic home theater


When adjusting the sound level (from medium to maximum) of the DVD player of the Panasonic home theater, playback is turned off, or the entire complex is turned off. Error code f61 is shown on the display. According to the explanation of operational documents, the code corresponds to the absence of a signal on sound playback devices (speakers).

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Why the error might appear

  1. Incorrect DC connection or poor contact.
  2. The breaking resistor (power supply) is broken.
  3. The cooling fan does not work.
  4. Channel amplifier defective.
  5. Breakdown of diodes in the ULF executive circuit.
  6. The zener diode is broken in the ULF protection circuit.

These are typical reasons. If any of them are present, the Panasonic unit reads the parameters as an error F61.

Equipping with a multi-circuit protection system (short circuit, excess temperature increase) requires compliance with the program values. The system is tuned to certain values ​​of input and output signals of each circuit block. The PCONT circuits and DC_DET circuits must be the same characteristics and be 5 V. If there is a deviation from the set values, the cooling fan does not start, an error signal F61 appears, therefore, the entire circuit is turned off.

Problem Diagnosis

The order in which to check the reasons for the occurrence of the error code.

  1. Inspect the fans (contamination, shaft play, condition of the motor windings).
  2. Measure the resistance on each channel. Infinitely high resistance is a reason to check the amplifier chip. If there is no signal, replace the part. As a rule, after replacing it, the player works, and the F61 code no longer appears.
  3. Track the parameters of the diodes (D2907) ULF (can be positioned as serviceable).
  4. Check the zener diodes (D565, D563, D566, D564) of the ULF protection (can be positioned as serviceable).

To summarize, in fact, when f61 appears, it is necessary to check the contacts and the performance of the DCDET connector, the transistors adjacent to it, the resistors (low-resistance) in the power stabilizer and the ULF.

In addition to the above, capacitors may be damaged (they do not accumulate enough power), other resistances, breakdown of transistors in control circuits, etc. If an unusable circuit element is found, it is replaced. Details are sometimes put more power than specified by the manufacturer (the circuit is more resistant to the protection response to parameter fluctuations).

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When does the f76 error appear?

Panasonic cinema disc drive motor failure occurs less frequently during operation. The complex associates the problem with the code f76. Sometimes both codes appear sequentially. Error f76 appears first, and upon elimination, error f61 pops up. This is due to interconnected control and protection systems.

Possible causes of error f76:

  1. Power failure of the IC or SD (system power circuit).
  2. Damaged (disconnected) flexible power cable.
  3. Violation of the servo-processor IC.

These malfunctions are eliminated by replacing damaged Panasonic elements. In the power supply, the weakest resistor is R5987. Replacing it with a similar one with a power of 47 kOhm solves the issue of the drive’s performance, but this is exactly the case when there are difficulties with sound reproduction. In private practice, removing the Q6702 transistor from the DC DET1 circuit circuit provided stable 5V readings and both faults stopped blocking power.

The protection and self-diagnosis systems of the Panasonic cinema at the slightest deviation of the spindle current from the nominal stop the drive.

Not being a professional in the field of radio electronics, it is necessary to diagnose and repair a home theater entrust specialiststo avoid more serious damage. This rule applies to any household appliances. Self-repair of a TV or water heater is possible only if you have certain skills and knowledge, otherwise irreparable damage may be caused to the equipment.


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