Dreame H12 cordless upright vacuum cleaner review


A good alternative to a classic vacuum cleaner are robots and upright vacuum cleaners. The former are often used primarily for automatic dry cleaning, while the latter are the best choice for manual cleaning. At the same time, some modern vertical models have become so technologically advanced that they not only collect garbage, but also wash the floor, and also help the user determine the operating modes and even clean themselves. An example of such a technological device is the Dreame H12 cordless vacuum cleaner, a review of which is presented below.


  • Device type: 2 in 1 cordless upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Weight: 4.75 kg.
  • Battery capacity: 4000 mAh.
  • Battery life: 35 minutes.
  • Clean water tank: 900 ml.
  • Dirty water tank: 500 ml.
  • Brush type: roller-brush with cleaning function for skirting boards.
  • Motor: brushless.
  • Display: yes.
  • Voice prompts: yes.
  • Self-cleaning: yes.
  • Charging time is about 5 hours.

Equipment and appearance

The Dreame H12 vacuum cleaner starts to amaze already from the kit. In addition to the device itself, it includes:

  • docking station 2 in 1 for charging and storing accessories;
  • power unit;
  • brush for cleaning the vacuum cleaner;
  • replaceable filter;
  • replaceable brush roller;
  • holders for accessories on the docking station;
  • disinfectant.

The Dreame H12 vacuum cleaner has a plastic body and is made in dark gray.

A new brush-roller is responsible for cleaning in it. On the right side, it has no frame at all.

This design helps the vacuum cleaner to fit snugly against the wall and collect all the debris or dirt, the previous Dreame H11 model could not boast of this.

The width of the brush is 25 cm, a rubber pad is provided on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, which ensures a snug fit of the brush to the floor during cleaning.

At the base, the brush is washed in self-cleaning mode. The procedure lasts 2 minutes and, if necessary, it can be repeated, but this does not eliminate the need to wash the brush after each cleaning. Self-cleaning is activated by a button at the very top of the vacuum cleaner.

The model is washing, and therefore it does not have a classic dust collector. Instead, two transparent containers with a usable volume of 500 and 900 ml are attached to the vacuum cleaner. The smaller one is located lower in terms of the volume used, it collects dirty water from the floor or after cleaning the brush, another container is needed for clean water. Accordingly, in the floor washing mode, the liquid from it wets the brush through special tubes, which washes the surface.

Above the containers there is a convenient handle with control buttons: buttons for turning on and activating the mode of absorbing moisture.

The case has a screen that displays the battery capacity and the selected mode of operation.

The height of the vacuum cleaner is 111 cm, and the weight is 4.75 kg.

Vacuum cleaner in use

Dreame H12 has an excellent build and good ergonomics to make it comfortable to use with one hand.

The docking station allows you to put the vacuum cleaner on charge without unnecessary actions and replenish the battery capacity, which lasts for a maximum of 35 minutes of operation. Depending on the selected mode, this time may decrease. In general, this is enough to clean rooms up to 200 square meters. Charging the vacuum cleaner takes about 5 hours.

The vacuum cleaner has two modes of operation. The first is automatic. It collects garbage and cleans the floor, while the device independently recognizes the degree of soiling of the floor and selects one of three suitable modes according to the suction power and the intensity of wetting the brush with water. The second mode assumes that the vacuum cleaner simply collects liquid. This is a good way to clean up spilled water or tea.

This model is powered by a new 74,000 rpm brushless motor. This is enough to provide high suction power and rotation of the brush, which allows you to scrub even stubborn stains.

As mentioned above, the brush has an innovative design that allows you to clean close to the walls, and therefore there are no dirty areas near them.

Compared to the previous model, the brush is removed by a button.

When you install the vacuum cleaner on the docking station, you can activate brush cleaning. It is treated with water, rotates and a special scraper cleans dirt from it.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a display that shows information about the selected mode. In this case, all actions are accompanied by a voice, that is, the device will say that the operating mode has changed, the battery has run out or the water in the container has run out. There is a Russian language.


Dreame H12 is a truly innovative vacuum cleaner with a lot of advantages.

These include:

  • practicality: at the same time garbage is collected and wet cleaning is carried out;
  • powerful brushless motor;
  • ergonomic handle with comfortable control;
  • voice guidance and display;
  • two modes of operation — for washing or collecting water;
  • automatic selection of work parameters;
  • long autonomy;
  • self-cleaning;
  • A new brush that provides high-quality cleaning next to the walls.

The model has no tangible disadvantages, and its cost is about 35 thousand rubles. Given the features and capabilities of a device that has enough power to replace a conventional vacuum cleaner, the Dreame H12 is a worthwhile investment for those people who want to make the difficult job of cleaning their home easier.


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