Dream Bot D10 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


The popularity of robot vacuum cleaners does not even think to wane, and new models in this segment prove that compact autonomous assistants can clean as well as classic models. Today on review is the new Dream Bot D10 Plus, which boasts high power, an automatic cleaning base and a long battery life.


Dream Bot D10 Plus comes with a charging and cleaning base, a side brush, a microfiber floor cleaner, a power cable, a trash bag in the base, a turbo brush and a dust box (installed in a vacuum cleaner).

I note that many competitors include a replaceable microfiber and a side brush in the kit, and therefore, in this case, the set of consumables turned out to be modest.

Design and construction

Dream Bot D10 Plus has a familiar appearance, typical of robotic vacuum cleaners with lidar. Its dimensions are 349 x 350 x 96.3 mm, which tends to be average on the market.

The model has a round shape, made in white. From above, it has a lidar that provides navigation around the apartment, the surface of the case is glossy.

Touch sensors are located in front, allowing the device to turn around in case of detection of obstacles.

At the bottom there is a guide wheel in the center and two rubber wheels with a protector, which ensure the movement of the vacuum cleaner around the house. Charging contacts are located next to the steering wheel.

In the center behind the guide roller there is a suction hole where the turbo brush is installed, it is removable, which makes it possible to remove and clean it. The vacuum cleaner has one brush, located on the left, its task is to collect debris from the walls and “toss” it to the suction hole.

Under the hood of the device is a container for debris and water for wet cleaning. A microfiber cloth is attached to the latter, which is automatically wetted and carries out wet cleaning. The capacity of the waste container is 400 ml, for water — 145 ml.

Given that the Dream Bot D10 Plus is a robot vacuum cleaner with a base for charging and automatically emptying the dust box, it would be logical to make the water tank more capacious and the trash container smaller. However, this did not happen, and if you often do not have to clean up the garbage (the base is equipped with a 2.5-liter bag), then you will have to pour water into the vacuum cleaner to wash the floor before each cleaning.

In general, the device offers a standard wet cleaning robot design. There are no discoveries here, such an assembly has been tested by time, and therefore they are unlikely to modify it. The only drawback, in my opinion, is the small water tank.

Model Benefits

As I mentioned above, Dream Bot D10 Plus is not just an apartment cleaning robot, but a model with a self-cleaning base, floor washing and high power.

The fact that the charging and cleaning base is not new on the market does not make models with it less popular. This is still the lot of premium devices, and its presence in the relatively inexpensive Dream Bot D10 Plus vacuum cleaner is a big plus. The capacity of the bag is 2.5 liters. The manufacturer promises that it will have to be changed every six months. The dust container is emptied in just a few seconds. Suction is carried out through two channels, which allows you to effectively remove not only debris, but also unpleasant odors.

The suction power of the device is 4000 Pa, and this is one of the highest rates on the market. It should be understood that already at 2000 Pa, vacuum cleaners do their job quite well. The Dream Bot D10 Plus has twice the rate, and it is able to collect any garbage.

The battery capacity of this model is 5200 mAh. This is a high figure, promising continuous cleaning on an area of ​​270 squares.

Cleaning efficiency

The Dream Bot D10 Plus motor provides 4000 Pa suction power. I mentioned above that this is one of the highest rates on the market, which guarantees the collection of animal hair, large debris and fine dust. As a rule, robots act as assistants and, collecting large rubbish, cope with dust mediocrely. As an experiment, after cleaning the Dream Bot D10 Plus, cleaning was carried out with a conventional vacuum cleaner, which could not collect dust and small debris. This means that the model from our review does an excellent job.

It is worth noting that the vacuum cleaner is able to automatically recognize the carpet. When driving on it, the power automatically increases to the maximum value.

A nice bonus is that the robot has wet cleaning, and it involves three modes of wetting the rag. Despite the fact that the water container of the vacuum cleaner is small, the quality of washing is quite decent. Unlike many competitors, the vacuum cleaner does not just crawl with a damp cloth on the floor, but provides a thorough wet cleaning.

All this is complemented by quiet operation, which is surprising considering the high power figures.

Navigation system

Dream Bot D10 Plus is a robot vacuum cleaner with lidar, that is, one of the most effective ways to navigate. In 8 minutes, the model will scan the space and build an optimal cleaning schedule.

An important point is that the device is capable of scanning a radius of no more than 8 meters, and if the room is larger, then touch sensors and elevation sensors will help in navigation.

In general, the model quickly coped with laying the route, building a map that was displayed in the application on the smartphone. According to personal perception, the route is logical, and the device does not travel to the same place several times.


The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 5200 mAh battery, which provides cleaning of rooms up to 270 squares. This is an excellent indicator, and even at the highest settings for suction power and cleaning efficiency, the device did not sit down without completing the process to the end on an area of ​​​​about 70 squares. For most private apartments, autonomy is enough. In this regard, the Dream Bot D10 Plus robot shows excellent performance.


The Dream Bot D10 Plus is controlled through the proprietary Xiaomi Home application. It displays a map built by the robot, as well as its operating modes.

The settings allow you to choose from several cleaning modes in terms of cleaning efficiency. You can select the type of cleaning and the method of movement, as well as adjust the mode of washing the floor by specifying the intensity of wetting the cloth with water.

Among the settings there is the possibility of programming by the days of the week, you can set different operation parameters for different rooms. Also, through the application, restrictions are set for individual rooms.

In general, the application has a clear interface, and even a new user can easily figure it out. A nice bonus is voice control through assistants from Google or Alexa from Amazon.


Dream Bot D10 Plus is a powerful vacuum cleaner that can please you with efficient cleaning and excellent navigation, convenient operation, quiet operation and self-cleaning. It provides high autonomy and allows you not to think about removing garbage for a month and a half. However, those who rely on wet cleaning should be prepared for the fact that water will have to be poured into it quite often. In fact, this is the only drawback that does not alter dignity.

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