What is the connection between Leonardo da Vinci and lenses?


We have collected for you the most curious facts about lenses:

  • The idea to replace glasses with lenses first came to Leonardo da Vinci’s mind back in 1508. The great artist became interested in the observation of an English monk who was able to see his shoulders after immersing his face in a glass bowl of water.
  • After 130 years, the French mathematician Rene Descartes, studying the works of da Vinci, came up with his own apparatus for vision correction — his invention was a tube filled with water, according to some data, and a special solution, according to others. A magnifying glass was attached to the outer side of the tube, and the inner side was applied to the eye. However, when using such a device, a person could not blink.
  • After another 200 years, the British physicist and astronomer John Herschel came to the understanding that the lens should follow the shape of the eye.
  • The very first lenses were made by a German glassblower in 1888 from glass.
  • Until the 60s of the last century, contact lenses were made only from organic glass.
  • In 1981, the first colored lenses were created.
  • Today, more than 125 million people wear lenses in the world.
  • There are lenses that correct vision at night (orthokeratology). When a person removes his lenses in the morning, he sees well throughout the day and does not need to wear glasses or lenses.
  • In India, you can buy the most expensive contact lenses, they are made of white or yellow gold, using 18 small white diamonds.
  • There are quite unusual lenses: with a video camera built into the lens; lenses that can measure blood sugar levels; and even those that can diagnose glaucoma.
  • People who wear lenses need to give their eyes a rest, during which the lenses must be folded into a special container.
  • After removing the lens, it must be carefully treated with a special disinfectant solution. The container should be treated with the same solution. Do not use water, it may contain contaminants and bacteria. Consumed universal lens solution is perfect for processing.
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