How to protect the iPhone case from damage?


Probably, every owner of an iPhone smartphone has faced damage to the body of an expensive gadget. Even with careful use, scratches and cracks quickly appear on the phone screen, and the case suffers from chips. How to avoid damage to the iPhone case?

The use of covers and protective glasses will protect your smartphone from mechanical damage, wear and tear and dirt. The cost of these accessories is low compared to the price of repairing a smartphone, which explains the popularity of their use.

Protective glasses

Protective glasses are made from chemically treated tempered glass and have five layers in their structure, which include:

-silicone base that fixes the glass on the screen;

— a retaining layer that prevents further cracking of the broken screen;

-anti-reflective layer, thanks to which the screen does not fade in the sun;

— a protective layer responsible for the integrity of the screen;

-Oleophobic coating that repels moisture and prevents fingerprints from remaining on the screen.

Thanks to the five-layer structure, protective glasses are able to withstand quite strong mechanical stresses, such as scratching with a knife or blade. Therefore, the iPhone screen will remain completely intact when carried in a pocket with keys or a bag.

The thickness of the glass slightly increases the dimensions of the smartphone and does not change the touch sensitivity and color reproduction of the screen. The presence of special cutouts for the camera, speaker and flash provide comfortable use of the phone’s functionality, and a small gap along the edges contributes to a tighter fit of the case.

Mounting the protective glass on the device does not require special skills. Even a beginner can easily stick the glass thanks to the set of napkins included in the kit.

Protective cases

Protective cases prevent the ingress of moisture and dirt on the surface of the smartphone, breakage of the gadget when dropped, the formation of cracks and scuffs.

The most popular material for making cases is silicone. After all, it is silicone that is better than other materials to soften the blow when dropped, protecting the gadget from chips and scratches. Silicone cases are produced in all sorts of colors, different patterns are applied to them, so everyone can choose a case to their taste.


When purchasing a protective glass and a case, it is important to make sure that they are compatible with the smartphone model. After all, most iPhone models have different dimensions and screen sizes, therefore, not every case and glass will suit your device.


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