How to make money on maternity leave with the help of texts


Working with texts is considered one of the most common and in demand. How profitable is this method of earning and how to achieve real success? We will tell in this article.

Options for working with texts

Part-time work with texts includes a huge range of diverse activities. This means that mothers on parental leave will definitely find an interesting option for themselves.

Most of all, such an activity is suitable for women with a diploma in philology, a teacher of Russian language and literature, an editor or proofreader. However, in such work, it is not a diploma that is important, but knowledge and literacy, so any person with specialized skills and good literacy will be able to try himself in this business.

So, moms on maternity leave will be able to make money on texts by doing the following work:

  1. Writing texts (copywriting and rewriting). It is better to choose certain topics that the freelance mom knows best;
  2. Content management — placement of already written texts on the site, creation of content plans. At the same time, the content manager may well combine both the placement and writing of texts;
  3. Naming — inventing slogans, mottos, names. This job is ideal for mothers who are looking for how to realize their impulses of fantasy and creativity;
  4. Writing reviews is a great way to share experiences, communicate, and earn money. You just need to write detailed reviews of products and services and post them on the appropriate sites. The more photos, details and criticisms — the more earnings;
  5. Proofreading and editing is a paid job for the literate and the «desperate». You will have to check a lot, and not always these are the texts of professionals. Proofreaders and editors who work with publishing houses and printing houses in a remote format receive the best;
  6. Transcription — translation into text format of sound files (interviews, songs, lectures, seminars, videos);
  7. Translation is one of the most famous types of work with texts. Do you know other languages ​​besides English? Great — you have the opportunity to get a good job.

Pros and cons of working with texts on maternity leave

Like any part-time job with a baby in your arms, working with texts has its advantages and disadvantages.

What are the main advantages of working with texts:

◊ free schedule;
◊ the opportunity not to take sick leave during the illness of the baby, because he is always under supervision;
◊ a wide range of areas (translation, transcription, writing scripts or reviews);
◊ the ability to upgrade different skills (improve literacy, develop typing speed);
◊ expanding horizons by writing texts from different directions and topics.

However, working with texts has significant disadvantages. Experts say that people working in this field are subject to burnout at the same high level as teachers. In addition, text freelancing is an activity with strict discipline and deadlines, and mothers sometimes have force majeure circumstances related to children.

To really make decent money working with texts, you have to “morally invest” in this business.

Working with texts is sometimes hard work, because with a drop in your activity, money also disappears. You always need to stay at a high level so as not to be inferior to a huge number of competitors.

Where to look for potential clients

Roads are open everywhere for workers of the «text front»! A mother on maternity leave can start her work with freelance resources and exchanges. Good commercial offers can be seen on popular job search sites.

It is considered good manners in this environment to offer your services yourself. In social networks, you can find groups and accounts where potential customers are looking for performers. Did you see a good offer? Promote yourself — Submit your portfolio and resume even if you have no experience.

Don’t forget to use the help of your friends. Tell us that you started doing new activities on maternity leave. There is a possibility that your relatives, acquaintances, or acquaintances of acquaintances just need a person like you.

Where to start

First you need to decide on the direction of activity and schedule. After solving organizational issues, you should draw up a portfolio. Never wrote lyrics before? No problem! Start doing it right now. Find a foreign post and translate it; edit the unsuccessful, in your opinion, text; write an article on any topic of the day — and now you can adequately present yourself.


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