How to choose a hanger


Still not enough room for clothes? Nowhere to hang clothes when renovations are in progress? Do we hang outerwear on chairs in the office? Haven’t decided on a dressing room in the country yet??

A versatile solution to these common clothing placement problems is the portable floor hanger. This product usually has a metal or wooden stand with hooks, and a base in the form of a heavy disc support of 3-4 legs. The stability of the hanger is affected by the indentation of the edges from the rack. The closer the circumference of the hooks to the diameter of the base, the less stability.

Logically, the more hooks on the hanger, the more stability the base requires. Heavy metal disc supports create a tight, secure connection to the table. On the most capacious models, there are up to 24 hooks. The standard height of the hangers is about 180 cm, which allows you to place raincoats and coats. In some cases, such a hanger can replace a small wardrobe, despite the fact that it occupies a minimum of usable space.

The service life of hangers is calculated by manufacturers for 10 years, however, with proper handling, in reality it can reach 30 or more. If we compare such a result with the cost, then it is easy to imagine the benefits of the acquisition. Now you can choose the most suitable model!


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