How to choose a hammock and a house for rodents?


In order for rodents to feel comfortable, they need a house — in nature they hide in it from predators. The absence of a cozy house can make rodents aggressive and nervous.. In the house, hamsters, rats, mice, and other small and medium-sized rodents like to arrange a pantry, as in natural conditions.

Places for rodents to rest are usually houses, hammocks, nests, beds. They are made from different safe materials, for different sizes and number of animals. All HappyMouse brand hammocks are made from hypoallergenic materials — cotton and fleece.

In the house for rodents, not only beauty is important, but also comfort, convenience, and also important security. No harsh odors, sharp edges or nicks. It is best to use hammocks for rodents with metal mounts (carbines) so that the animals could not gnaw through them.

The size of a hammock or a house for rodents should be chosen depending on the size of the pet and the size of the cage.

Hammock «Bunny» is suitable for medium-sized rodents and will fit even in the smallest cage. Mounting is possible both to the wall of the cage and to the ceiling.

Hammock «Droplet» universal, suitable for rodents of medium and small size, crto eat with a carbine to the ceiling of the cage.

Fleece hammocks are ideal in cool weather, suitable for all rodents, enjoy the mostpopularity.


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